May. 02, 2012

Faculty and staff Scene Around the World – Join the fun!

haiti with scene

Wes Kennison '79, faculty fellow for international studies, with a group of students during the college's first service-learning trip to Haiti in January. /PHOTO PROVIDED BY WES KENNISON '79






Dozens of alumni submit photographs of themselves with issues of the Geneseo Scene in each issue of the magazine. They depict the adventurous places they visit for work or play, from the Great Wall of China to standing beside an elephant at an African watering hole.

Faculty, staff and friends of Geneseo have also been submitting snapshots and spreading the word of Geneseo all over the world. To mark the occasion, we have created a new photo gallery on Flickr — and created an Encompass feature. Leading students on a study abroad experience this summer? Presenting your research at a conference? Rafting along the Colorado or taking that long-awaited trip with your family?

Send us your photo at with your name and some brief comments on where you are and what you're doing. Our first fall issue will be full of exciting travels, study and academic trips! Enjoy the first submissions in our new gallery: