Aug. 26, 2013

Geneseo is second in nation in ‘Washington Monthly’ rankings

Washington Monthly rankings

Geneseo is starting the 2013-2014 academic year with good news: Washington Monthly magazine ranks the college second overall among the nation’s master's universities for its contribution to the public good across three categories — social mobility, research and promoting an ethic of service to country.

The magazine’s 2013 rankings include 684 colleges in its master’s universities category, which includes schools that offer comprehensive undergraduate programs, some master's programs but few, if any, doctoral programs. Geneseo offers master’s degrees in education and accounting.

The magazine defines social mobility as recruiting and graduating low-income students and helping them earn degrees. The research category comprises the production of cutting-edge scholarship and students who go on to earn doctorates. Service was defined as encouraging students to give something back to their country. The overall score is calculated by combining the scores of all three categories.

In the research category, Geneseo is ranked seventh in the number of alumni who go on to earn a doctorate and doubling research expenditures from 2012. In the community service participation and hours served category, the college ranks 34th in the nation; in the Peace Corps category. It ranks 13th in the nation in the number of alumni who serve in the Peace Corps, relative to size; and in the ROTC category, it ranks 397th in the percentage of students who serve in ROTC. The college also ranked 236th in the country in actual versus predicted graduation rates related to the net price of attendance.