Sep. 08, 2010

Geneseo Voices partners with WGSU

Voices logo

Through the Geneseo Voices project, faculty, staff, students and alumni like Ahmed Sheikh '10 share their personal stories to increase awareness and understanding among each other and ultimately strengthen the community.
Sheikh shared his personal experience as he struggled to find balance in retaining his traditional Pakistani roots and college life.

"I have two identities," said Sheikh when he taped his segment, as a senior. "I live two completely different lives. Both lives conflict with each other. I am a U.S. citizen but have very cultural parents from Pakistan."

Sheikh shared his story of living in two worlds with the Geneseo and greater community through The Voices Project - a grassroots project launched in 2009 by Geneseo faculty and staff that explores individual's perspectives of difference. Organizers welcome participants who want to record their audio stories, which are available online.

New this year, Voices has teamed up with WGSU, the campus radio station, to promote the initiative.