Feb. 28, 2012

Insomnia — 24 hours of creative film


Aaron Tomassini '14 and friends are preparing for Insomnia, Geneseo's first 24-hour film fest, in which teams of students will write, tape, edit and produce short features of three minutes, with assistance from staff. /PHOTO BY KEITH WALTERS '11




Armed with video cameras, Aaron Tomassini '14 and his crew will explore their imaginations for intriguing ideas and locations to turn into a film on March 23.
It's going to be a long night. They will have 24 hours to complete a three-minute feature, from deciding on a plot to writing a script to finished work.
"I think it's a cool idea and I'm looking forward to the challenge," says Tomassini, a resident assistant. "This is a challenge for organization and creative thinking."
Tomassini and his team are part of Insomnia, Geneseo's first 24-hour film fest.
At 5 p.m. on March 23, all registered teams of students will receive a list of elements, such as a mustache or park bench? They must choose at least three to include in their film. Other than that, it's up to them.
"There are so many possibilities," says Insomnia creator Joe Dolce, Computing and Information Technology instructional support coordinator. "We want to reflect the capabilities and ingenuity of our students."
Dolce is a major contributor to the new Digital Media Lab in Milne Library and thought the new event will be a good way for students to have fun, and at the same time develop skills that are integral to completing a comprehensive project in a limited amount of time, such as thinking on your feet, planning and collaboration. Except for needing to use three provided elements, there are not a lot of rules.
"We're intentionally keeping things open," says Dolce.
CIT is hosting the event with Milne Library and Campus Auxiliary Services, providing prizes of Amazon, iTunes and bookstore gift cards, and refreshments during the wee hours.
Dolce is encouraging faculty and staff to spread the word to students. It's open to all students in all majors.
A veteran of 24-hour film competitions, Dolce hopes to make Insomnia into an annual Geneseo event. He has participated in and collaborated with students during previous Apple Insomnia events, sponsored by the media giant. They were exhausting, exhilarating and rewarding, he says. He's looking forward to providing the same environment here.
The night of the competition, Dolce and Andy Camidge, student technology coordinator, will be up all night with teams, offering technical assistance and a high five in a Brodie Hall 239 computer lab, which will serve as Insomnia headquarters.
"That's the most exciting part," says Dolce. "There's a natural camaraderie and rivalry. I'm really excited ... We are building a sense of community and working together."

Read more information about Insomnia on its Facebook page.