Nov. 07, 2012

Intercultural cookbook highlights culinary treats

MOSAIC cookbook

In time for making tasty treats for the upcoming holidays, the MOSAIC Cultural Awareness Series has released a cookbook online, featuring recipes for food that has been served at various cultural dinners on campus, as well as other recipes.

College Union & Activities interns Asav Vora '13 and Sean Leigh '13 spearheaded the project. Along with some of their own favorites, the cookbook features recipes recommended by the different multicultural and special interest student organizations that make up the Alliance for Community Enrichment (ACE).

The "MOSAIC Cookbook" also serves as a promotional tool by providing information about the purpose of the MOSAIC, the MOSAIC Cultural Awareness Series, and ACE. It lists upcoming cultural dinners and events with the hope that people who enjoyed the Intercultural Dinner and the different types of cuisine featured in the cookbook will also attend events, says Carey Backman, Associate Director Of College Union & Activities.

Copies of the MOSAIC Cookbook were given out at the Intercultural Dinner last Sunday. Or, view it online. It should be available to download through the iTunes store in the future.

"Our hope is that the cookbook grows to be an annual tradition with it being published each fall," says Backman.