Sep. 27, 2011


  • BehrendAssistant Professor of History Justin Behrend's article about a Civil War slave insurrection scare, "Rumors of Revolt," was recently published by The New York Times. Read it online.

  • Young-wxxiDistinguished Service Professor of Geology Richard Young was featured on National Public Radio host Ira Flatow's "Science Friday" program on Sept. 23. The program originated from Flagstaff, Ariz. Young and Flatow discussed the origins of the Grand Canyon, which Young has spent more than 40 years researching.

  • Matthew BowerMatthew Bower '13 and teammates from two other colleges created an idea for a smart phone app that recently won second place in an international competition and $2,000 seed money to further develop the product.

    Bower's team excelled at the 4th Athgo Global Innovation Forum in Washington, D. C., sponsored by Athgo and the World Bank Speakers Bureau. Athgo is a nonprofit organization that empowers young people aged 18 to 32 to develop business plans for ventures that are profitable, socially beneficial and environmentally friendly. One hundred students from 30 countries competed to create small, green-technology commercial plans.

    Bower's team's app is called emPower, a mobile application for a smart phone that targets U.S. residential consumers and allows users to track energy usage holistically and for individual appliances, allowing them to turn individual appliances on and off on the go.