Dec. 20, 2011


  • Geneseo University Police Chief Sal Simonetti recently delivered Program Manager Training to SUNY police departments in four areas of the state as part of SUNY administration's effort to have all 28 eligible police departments work toward becoming accredited. Staff from municipal police agencies were also able to attend. Simonetti is leading the process of preparing Geneseo for accreditation and oversaw the Town of Webster Police Department accreditation program for many years as a program manager and as a command officer before joining Geneseo.
  • Oxford University Press recently published the third edition of "The Medieval World View: An Introduction," by Distinguished Teaching Professor of English Ronald Herzman and Distinguished Teaching Professor of History Bill Cook. The book introduces readers to "The Medieval World View" in five parts and treats both the classical and biblical antecedents of the Middle Ages, ending in Late Antiquity. The third edition features two new chapters — on Byzantium and on Islam.
  • GENseng, Geneseo's Asian American Performance Ensemble, is celebrating its 13th year of continuous production. The ensemble is the only one of its kind in the SUNY system. The group, led by artistic director Randy Kaplan, professor of theater, recently held a reunion in New York City, at which GENsengers from the classes of 2000 to 2011 gathered, networked and reminisced about productions, including "Flipzoids" in 2000 to the most recent production, "And the Soul Shall Dance." Reunion members also attended a production at the Pan Asian Repertory Theatre, the second-oldest Equity Asian American company in the United States.