Feb. 28, 2012


The Geneseo Greek community was awarded the Amy Vojta Impact Award on Feb. 25 in the "risk reduction" category for their initiative Geneseo U-Knighting for Change at the Northeast Greek Leadership Association conference in Hartford, Conn.

Creators of the initiative — Meghan Lijewski '12 (Sigma Delta Tau), Julia McDaniel' 12, (Alpha Kappa Phi) and Jill Scalzo '12 (Phi Kappa Pi) — were present to receive the award and presented the workshop "Leading Change On Your Campus: How We Did It." The Impact Awards are given to chapters, councils, or campuses whose programming or initiatives have demonstrated a substantive impact on their campus or community. There were 14 applicants in the risk reduction category. Only two awards were conferred. The Northeast Greek Leadership Association builds community among students from a variety of fraternal experiences, challenges members to align their actions with fraternal values, and empowers advocates to transform and improve their communities.