Feb. 01, 2011



Distinguished Teaching Professor Gene Stelzig, in the Department of English, has won the 2010 Jean-Pierre Barricelli Book Prize for the year's best book in Romanticism studies for his book, "Henry Crabb Robinson in Germany: A Study in Nineteenth-Century Life Writing."

Larry H. Peer, executive director of the International Conference on Romanticism and a professor of comparative literature at Brigham Young University, wrote to Stelzig that his book "is a particular piece that has been needed in the field of Crabb Robinson studies for generations."

Stelzig will receive a commemorative plaque at the annual meeting of the International Conference on Romanticism in Montreal this fall.



Larry Lee Blackman, professor of philosophy, has two forthcoming research publications.

"Kant and Dembski on Intelligent Design, Artistic Wisdom, and the Problem of Theodicy," will appear in The Proceedings of the Eleventh International Kant Congress, which took place last May in Pisa, Italy. The paper contrasts the views of Immanuel Kant and William Dembski on the theological version of the problem of evil — the attempt to reconcile God's purported attributes of omnipotence, omniscience, and infinite goodness with the empirical fact of evil.

"Brachtendorf on the Conditions of a Successful Philosophical Theodicy," will appear in 2011 in the "Theologische Quartalschrift" of the Catholic-Theological Seminar of the University of Tubingen, Germany. The paper provides a critique of Johannes Brachtendorf's attempt to show the viability of Immanuel Kant's theodicy. Brachtendorf's paper appeared (in German) in Kant-Studien in 2002.