Sep. 25, 2013

National Hazing Prevention Week observed

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Geneseo has been observing National Hazing Prevention Week with several events that focus on recognizing hazing and ways to prevent it.  “Know. Decide. Act.” is the national theme of the week, Sept. 23 through 27.

Keynote speaker Amanda Berg explored the effects of binge drinking among college-aged women as well as her own relationship with alcohol during her college years, through her award-winning student photo documentary, “Keg Stand Queens.” The college also provided “Party SMART” risk-reduction training. Today, Sept. 25, is Gordie Day in the Union, where information about hazing prevention is available.

Among hazing prevention resources available on campus is the award-winning Stand Up for One Another program, which encourages students to intercede and act on their concern for their fellow students’ well-being.