Aug. 29, 2012

Pop(up) art inspires community outreach

Soup drive

Student art work on the Painted Tree inspired a soup drive on campus during the summer, which provided nearly 175 cans of soup as well as other staples to a local food pantry. /PHOTO BY BRIAN BENNETT



Earlier this summer a student took brush to the Painted Tree to decorate it like a can of Campbell's tomato soup. Reminded by pop artist icon Andy Warhol's prediction that everyone will "be famous for 15 minutes," Geneseo staff launched a Soup-er Fast Can Drive, collecting as many cans of tomato or other soups as possible within 48 hours.

The college easily exceeded its goal. Members of the Geneseo community donated 174 cans, plus other staples, for the Geneseo/Groveland Food Pantry. The pantry provided food to 33 families in need in July, the highest number of families serviced in the food pantry's history.