May. 01, 2013

Rochester children and parents welcomed at College Bound!

On April 11, in collaboration with students and colleagues from around campus, Geneseo's Department of Residence Life and Writers House welcomed 25 fourth-grade students from Henry Hudson School No. 28, an elementary school in Rochester, and their parents to campus for College Bound! The program helps the students and their parents envision what the college experience is and encourages them to think about attending college.

The elementary students toured campus, met with administrators and faculty members in a class setting and connected with Geneseo students. They also worked in a computer lab to put their thoughts online into a kid-friendly blog, which mirrors the Writers House magazine, Catharsis. During this time, parents also learned about the college experience and the impact that parents can have on the success of their child's education. Parents listened to a young man's journey through adversity to obtain a master's degree and learned about financial and other resources available to help their children attend college.