Nov. 07, 2012

SEFA campaign wrapping up


Every year, faculty and staff help nonprofit organizations that offer assistance to community members in Geneseo, in the region and beyond. This year's campus-wide State Employees Federated Appeal (SEFA) raised nearly $32,000 as of Nov. 2 for organizations that help people in need — including hospices, safe houses, food cupboards and other outreach activities.

Organizers hope to raise a total of $50,000 by Nov. 9, with 300 participants. More than 170 faculty and staff at Geneseo have contributed so far. SEFA co-coordinators Kevin Hahn, assistant director of college housing, and Phyllis Wixom, a secretary in Career Development, feel confident that Geneseo will reach its goal by the SEFA appeal completion this Friday.

"Every year, the SEFA campaign reminds us that Geneseo employees are compassionate and all too eager to give to those who are less fortunate," says Hahn. "During an age in which news stories are filled with images of crime and people treating each other poorly, SEFA reaffirms who we are as human beings — people who believe that giving is far better than taking.

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