Nov. 17, 2010

SEFA campaign wraps up Friday

SEFA poster

The annual State Employees Federated Appeal (SEFA) concludes this Friday, Nov. 19.

This year, the college hopes to raise a total of $52,000 for charities, including local charities, and have 45 percent of college employees participate. Last year, Geneseo employees raised $55,786 and 37 percent of employees participated.

This year's campaign theme is "Go Green." The college hosted several environmental and green organizations to kick off the SEFA reception. One of the green charities that visited is The Nature Conservancy, which just completed a 15-year project to purchase Hemlock and Canadice lakes so they will remain forever wild.

"I am amazed at the enthusiasm for giving that Geneseo faculty and staff are showing this year despite the dire state of the economy," said John Haley, Administration & Finance systems manager and the 2010 SEFA Campaign coordinator.

So far, the college is at 89 percent of its goal, said Haley.

Employees received contribution packets. Contact John Haley at