Nov. 29, 2011

Shaping Lives of Purpose: Alumna gives back to say thanks for her Geneseo foundation

Florida event

Jane Claud '69/MLS '70, left, President Christopher C. Dahl, George Speedy '71 and Dona Ammons enjoy gathering to celebrate what Geneseo means in their lives at the Florida- East Coast region event on Oct. 15 for Shaping Lives of Purpose: The Campaign for Geneseo.




Jane Claud '69/MLS '70 knew she wanted to be a librarian since she was in seventh grade. At Geneseo, she says, she got the solid education she needed to be a success.

For many years after graduation, Claud helped students develop their love for research and reading as a librarian at Geneseo High School. As a school librarian, she proudly collaborated often with the Milne librarians.

"Geneseo is not only my college but it was my home for many years," says Claud. "It's part of my blood."

Claud later moved to Florida and began attending Geneseo alumni events held in her area back in 1985. She is happy that more events are held all the time. Recently, she heard about a gift to Shaping Lifes of Purpose: The Campaign for Geneseo made by fellow alumna Helen LiFeber-Rosener '60/MS'66. It inspired Claud to do the same.

To give back, Claud has arranged for a gift to the college through her estate. In addition, she makes annual contributions designated for student research, because exploring ideas and topics has been so important in her life.

"I want to give assistance to a student who is doing their own research and enable them to do research that they otherwise may not have been able to afford," she says.

Last year, The Geneseo Foundation helped to fund more than 300 research grants, 372 scholarships, 132 student awards , leadership seminars and a variety of other initiatives in all disciplines.

Alumni announced Claud's gift at the recent Florida-East Coast event hosted by alumni for the campaign — the largest capital campaign in the college's history, which will strengthen the college's endowment and other areas, including student research. Events have enjoyed record alumni attendance. More are planned throughout the United States in spring.