Feb. 29, 2012

Shaping Lives of Purpose: Alumni unite across country for campaign events

denver gathering.

David '97 and Crystal Wolf, left, Scott Tefoe '85 and Grace Meisel '86, pose for a photo during the Feb. 12 gathering for Shaping Lives of Purpose: The Campaign for Geneseo in Denver. The event was sponsored by alumni David Wolf '97, Kristen Brenner Allan '99, John Rose '73, Matt Rush '89 and and Lang Allan & Company. A series of events are planned for the campaign nationwide this spring and all are sponsored by dedicated alumni.


As a student, Jeffrey Burkhard '89 attended the college's first externship program in New York City, gaining insight from alumni who had made their way in the Big Apple in their careers. It inspired him to go after his own dreams and gave him confidence to move to Chicago.

It was one of the many things that made Geneseo special for Burkhard, who is co-chair of Chicago's regional alumni committee. To say thanks, he is sponsoring the Shaping Lives of Purpose: The Campaign for Geneseo event in Chicago on March 14.

"Geneseo is an outstanding public college and it's important to me that Geneseo is able to maintain it's integrity and value in an era of decreased public funding for education," says Burkhard.

The Chicago campaign is the second of a series of campaign events this spring in which alumni from all eras will unite to reflect on what Geneseo means in their lives. The first was held in Denver on Feb. 12. On March 15, A.D. Scoones '75 is sponsoring a Florida — West Coast regional event. Before June 3, alumni are hosting six more campaign events across the country, including Los Angeles, Long Island, San Francisco and Syracuse. All of them are sponsored by alumni.

Last fall, several events were held with record-breaking attendance.

"We've been building momentum in every city we visit by sharing the stories of teachers who have transformed lives, alumni who are accomplishing great things and what the campaign is doing for the college," says Megan Cheever, coordinator for alumni affairs.

Everyone has a story about how Geneseo helped them realize their dreams and shaped their lives, says Rose Anderson, assistant vice president for alumni relations. It has been amazing to hear them at each event, she says.

"It has been so uplifting," says Anderson. "The campaign is a wonderful way of bringing alumni together and providing a new Geneseo experience as well a time to reflect. We are able to broaden their Geneseo experiences."