Apr. 03, 2013

Shaping Lives of Purpose: Alumnus helps students make their marks

Make your mark

Each year, the Make Your Mark! Student Giving Challenge encourages students to give back to the college and help provide opportunities for current and future students. This year, the challenge received a boost from Jeff Clarke '83, who continued his tradition of generosity to Geneseo by providing $10,000 for a special Weekly Challenge.

Clarke is a member of The Geneseo Foundation Board of Directors and a managing partner at Augusta Columbia Marketing Group.

The Weekly Challenge finishes this week. Each week, student fraternities and sororities, organizations, athletic teams and academic departments competed to win money for their specific group, with a $1,000 first-place prize, $700 second-place prize and $300 third-place prize. The men's and co-ed fraternity challenge kicked it all off Feb. 24. Other challenges included Sorority Week, Women's Intercollegiate Athletics Week, Men's Intercollegiate Athletics Week and this week students from academic departments are donating. The group with the highest percent of members who participate during each week wins.

The effort is part of Shaping Lives of Purpose: The Campaign for Geneseo, which is raising $22 million to bolster opportunities at Geneseo.

"Our goal is to educate students about philanthropy, The Fund for Geneseo and creating a pattern of annual giving to prepare Geneseo students to become engaged alumni," says Brenna Mangano, assistant director of The Fund for Geneseo. "Jeff is a role model and demonstrates the commitment that alumni have to the college and to students, and can serve as an inspiration for them to see how they, too, can make a difference."

Make Your Mark! allows students to help fund the things that matter most to them on campus," says Jessica Shatzel' 13, Student Giving Program coordinator. "It's a way for them to give ack and show their appreciation for the opportunities they have had at Geneseo."

After working with The Fund for Geneseo for four years, Shatzel has taken the mission to heart. She wants to have a career in fundraising for nonprofits. This summer, she will work in planned giving at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, D.C. with Sara Eigenberg '97.