Sep. 12, 2012

Shaping Lives of Purpose: A lifetime of engagement


Students at Geneseo experience outstanding faculty mentors, academics and opportunities in and out of the classroom that are strengthened through Shaping Lives of Purpose: The Campaign for Geneseo. Geneseo's advancement vision seeks to keep them engaged with the college their entire life. /FILE PHOTO BY JULIANN KANE '12



Distinguished Service Professor of Education Dennis Showers spent the summer with colleagues from various departments helping to find the right fit in a new leader of advancement for the college. In the process, he says, he learned about the function of advancement at higher education institutions, its importance, and compleDennis Showersxity of being more than just raising money.

Showers and the search committee examined the importance of engagement of alumni and others, and a vision for advancement at Geneseo.

"Advancement is about helping enrich the Geneseo community and education by creating relationships among people," said Showers at the faculty and staff convocation, where he spoke about his experience and discoveries. "... It is purposeful activity that connects past, present and future faculty, staff, students and others together by the shared Geneseo experience."

Those relationships can provide internships, clinical opportunities, mentors and more. It's about making Geneseo a life-long experience — that will impact the educational environment at the college.

Shaping Lives of Purpose: The Campaign for Geneseo is raising $22 million to bolster Geneseo's endowment and strengthen academic innovation and faculty support, student scholarships, global education, The Fund for Geneseo and athletics. Such support makes opportunities such as projects — locally, in the United States and abroad — undertaken by the first student ambassadors of the Center for Inquiry, Discovery and Leadership possible. (Read all about them in the upcoming issue of the Scene).

On campus, Geneseo hopes to raise $1 million through the faculty and staff campaign launched last fall.

"Our goal is in our sights," says Andrea Klein, co-chair of the Faculty and Staff Campaign. "Our work continues so that we can support that great work of our students and the amazing campus community that supports them. Your participation matters."

Klein is chairing the campaign with Distinguished Teaching Professor of English Ronald Herzman. Look for upcoming stories about members of the Geneseo campus community supporting the campaign and how their gifts impact the Geneseo experience.