Sep. 25, 2013

Time, Talent and Treasure is the hallmark of the SEFA campaign

SEFA logo

Didn’t know the computer whiz also makes handcrafted note cards? Or the mailroom employee also takes award-winning nature photographs? There’s so much we don’t know about our co-workers, says Betsy Colón, grants management associate. In this year’s annual State Employees Federated Appeal (SEFA), donors can discover creativity and talents of the college community that we might not see or know about in our daily work lives.

This year’s theme is Time, Talent and Treasure, which celebrates Geneseo’s tradition of giving back to the community, as well as the efforts of college employees.

“We want the focus to be on who we really are,” says Colón, SEFA co-chair. “We are a community that goes out and helps. We are a community that cares.”

That care extends from monetary donations to time, not only for organizations within the community but making the SEFA campaign successful each year, says Colón. This year, Geneseo staff and faculty — across all divisions — donated a total of more than 60 prizes, from hand-knitted shawls and hand-woven baskets to horseback riding lessons and a promise of a batch of homemade fudge, to be raffled off during the campaign. SEFA raises money for organizations that help people in need, including hospices and food cupboards, including organizations in Geneseo.

This year’s SEFA goal is $52,013.

Colón and Co-Chair Traci Phillips, sponsored programs assistant, created the SEFA Gift Shop in Blake C, Room 3, to showcase the cause and the talents of contributors, who not only created crafts but donated favorite books and other items. The items will be featured on the SEFA website, starting Oct. 7.

“We encourage people to come on over and take a look at the shop,” says Colón.

Geneseo’s SEFA campaign will run from Oct. 7 through Nov. 1. Donors will be included in daily raffles; winners can choose their prize from the shop. The grand prize, chosen at the end of the campaign, is an overnight at the Big Tree Inn.