Careers in English: What's the Story?

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Students and their parents often wonder what the career options are for someone who earns a B.A. in English. We answer them by boasting about the graduates who have kept in touch with us to let us know about their careers in — for example — education, law, government and community service, health care, politics, public relations, marketing, publishing, independent authorship, journalism, or the arts.

We love telling their stories. But we also know that they represent just a tiny slice of the big story, the story of what you can do with a degree in English.

So we've created this site to fill in more of that big story by inviting all of our graduates to tell their individual career stories in their own words.

If you graduated from Geneseo with a degree in English, let us know how the skills and knowledge you acquired as an English major have helped you get to where you are today.

If you're a current or prospective student (or a graduate wondering where your fellow majors have wound up), we hope our graduates' narratives will put to rest any worries you (or your relatives) may have about the usefulness of a B.A. in English — and that they'll inspire you to dream big.