Bachelor of Arts Degree in English: Writing Track

Total credit hours required to complete major: 39

Basic Requirements21 semester hours

ENGL 170The Practice of Criticism3

One course in British literature before 1700 (from ENGL 212, 222, 310, 311, 312, 321 [selected subtitles], 350, 353)3

One course in British literature after 1700 (from ENGL 213, 313, 314, 315, 316, 317, 318, 324)3

One course in American literature3

One course in world or multicultural literature3

One course in contemporary literature3

One course in a specific genre3

ENGL 370Senior Year Public Reading0
Electives18 semester hours
Writing courses selected under advisement from the following:ENGL 200 College Writing; ENGL 201 Creative Writing; ENGL 210 Elements of Screenwriting; ENGL 301/303 Poetry Writing I/II; ENGL 302/304 Fiction Writing I/II; ENGL 305/307 Creative Non-Fiction I/II; ENGL 306 Writing for Teachers; ENGL 393 English Honors Thesis; ENGL 394 Senior Seminar (when offered in Writing); ENGL 395 Writing Apprenticeship; ENGL 399 Directed Study (with appropriate topic); ENGL 499 Graduate Workshop; THEA 310 Playwriting; COMN 105 Intro to Journalism; COMN 261 Radio and TV Writing; COMN 275 New and Specialized Writing18
Courses in THEA and COMN may only be taken with permission of these departments.
Of the 21 credits in "Basic Requirements," at least 3 must be at the 300 level.
Of the 18 elective credits in Writing, at least 12 must be at the 300 level.


Minimum Competence Requirement

A grade of C- or better is required for each of the following courses: all courses submitted in fulfillment of the 36-hour requirement for the English major.

Department Writing Requirement

All 300-level courses in literature in the department require a minimum of 15 pages of writing. For the English major, at least five courses must be at the 300-level. Moreover, 100 and 200 level courses also require significant amounts of writing. Thus, the English major at Geneseo provides each student with an intensive and cumulative writing experience.

For further information, please contact your advisor or Dr. Finkelstein, the Department Chair. For information on writing requirements for “double” or “triple” majors consult the Undergraduate Bulletin under “Multiple Majors” or the Office of the Dean of the College. English majors are strongly urged to study foreign language and literature. Although this is not an English Department requirement at the present time, it is essential for anyone who plans to go to graduate school and extremely useful for everyone as well.