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S. Darko-A Donnie Darko Tale
Chris Fisher
Sabotage Alfred Hitchcock  VHS
Sabotage Alfred Hitchcock DVD
Sabrina Billy Wilder VHS 
Sacred Ground Charles B. Pierce  VHS
Safe Todd Haynes  VHS
Saint in Palm Springs/Saint Meets the Tiger  Jack Hively / Paul Stein VHS
Saint in New York / Saint Strikes Back, The  Ben holmes / John Farrow  VHS
Sammy and Rosie Get Laid  Stephen Frears  VHS
Samurai Trilogy, The Hiroshi Inagaki  DVD
Sankofa Haile Gerima  DVD
Sans Soleil and La Jetee (Criterion Collection) Chris Marker DVD
Satanic Rites of Dracula, The  Alan Gibson  VHS
Saturday Night Fever John Badham DVD
Saturday Night Fever  John Badham VHS
Saving Face Alice Wu DVD
SayonaraJoshua Logan  VHS 
Scar, The  Krzystof Kieslowski  DVD 
Scarface Howard Hawks DVD
Schindler: The Documentary    VHS
Schindler's List  Steven Spielberg  VHS
Scotland, PA Billy Morrissette DVD
Scream Wes Craven DVD
Scream 2 Wes Craven DVD
Sea Inside, The  Alejandro Amenabar  DVD 
Searchers, The  John Ford VHS (2)
Secrets & Lies  Mike Leigh  VHS
Secret Agent, The
Alfred Hitchcock VHS 
Secret Garden, The
Angieszka Holland VHS 
Selena Gregory Nava (1997) DVD
Seneca Reflections    VHS
Serendipity  Peter Chelsom  DVD 
Sergeant Rutledge  John Ford  VHS
Set-Up, The  Andrei Konchalowvsky  DVD(2) 
Seven Days in May
John Frankenheimer VHS
Shadow of a DoubtAlfred HitchockDVD
Shaft Gordon Parks DVD
Shakespeare in Love  John Madden  VHS
Shakespeare in Love  John Madden  VHS
Shakespeare's Globe Theatre-RestoredQuality Education MediaVHS
George Stevens VHS 
Shaun of the Dead Edgar Wright DVD
She Wore a Yellow RibbonJohn FordDVD
She Wore a Yellow Ribbon  John Ford  VHS
Sherman's MarchRoss McElweeDVD
Shop Around the Corner (The) Lubitsch (1940) DVD
Shopping For Fangs Vanguard International Cinema DVD
Show Boat George Sidney VHS
Shrek A. Adamson & V. Jenson VHS
Shut Up and Sing, Dixie Chicks B. Kopple & C. Peck DVD
Shylock Piere Lasry VHS
Side Street/They Live by Nt (double feature) Nicholas Ray/Anthony Mann DVD
Silence of the Lambs  Jonathan Demme  DVD
Silence of the Lambs
Jonathan Demme 
Silent Running Douglas Trumbull DVD
Silent Shakespeare    DVD
Silverado Fritz Lang  VHS
Singin' In The Rain Gene Kelly & Stanley Donen DVD
Sinister Cinema: 1000 Eyes of Dr. Mabuse  Lawrence Kasdan  VHS
Sins of the Fleshapoids  Mike Kuchar  DVD 
Marc Levin
Sleeper Woody Allen VHS 
Sling Blade
Billy Bob Thorton VHS 
Slumdog MillionaireDanny BoyleDVD
Small IslandJohn AlexanderDVD
Smart Classroom Training    VHS
Smash-Up  Stuart Heisler  DVD 
Smiles of a Summer Night  Ingmar Bergman  DVD 
Smoke Signals  Walt Disney  VHS
Snow White and the Seven Dwarves  Chris Eyre  VHS
SnowcakeMarc EvansDVD
Soldier's Home  Robert Young  VHS
Some Kind of Wonderful  Howard Deutch  DVD 
Some Like it Hot Billy Wilder
Some Mother's Son  Robert Siodmak  VHS
Songs are Free, The
Bernice Johnson Reagont
Son of Dracula  Rowland V. Lee  VHS
Son of Frankenstein  George Fitzmaurice  VHS
Son of Kong  Ernest B. Schoedsack  DVD 
Son of the Sheik  Robert Young  VHS
Soul Man  Terry George  VHS
Sophie's Choice  Alan J. Pakula VHS 
Spartacus  Stanley Kubrick VHS 
Spiderman 1  Sam Raimi  DVD 
Spiderman 2 Sam Raimi  DVD 
Spirited Away  Hayao Miyazaki/Krik Wise  DVD 
Spy Who Came in from the Cold, The
Martin RittVHS
Squid and the Whale, The Noah Baumbach DVD
Stalker John Ford  VHS
Stagecoach Steve Miner  VHS
Stand and Deliver  George Cukor  VHS
Star is Born, A  Andrei Tarkovsky  VHS
Star is Born, A  George Cukor  DVD 
Star WarsGeorge Lucas VHS 
Star Wars: Return of the Jedi George Lucas VHS 
Star Wars: The Phantom Menace  George Lucas
Star Wars II: Attack of the Clones   George Lucas  DVD 
Steel Magnolia's Thomas Schlamine VHS
Stella Davis King Vidor DVD
Stepford Wives, The Ramon Menendez  VHS
Strangers on a TrainAlfred HitchockDVD
Strawberry Fields Rea Tajiri DVD
Streetcar named Desire, A  Elia Kazan VHS
Struggles in Steel California Newsreel DVD
Sullivan's Travels  Preston Sturges DVD
Sunrise--A Song of Two Humans Studio Classics DVD
Sunset Boulevard Billy Wilder DVD
Sunset Boulevard  Billy Wilder  VHS
Sunshine Danny Boyle DVD
Dano Argento VHS 
Swamp Thing Wes Craven VHS 
Sweet Sweet Baadasssss Song Van Peebles (1971) DVD
Swimmer, The Frank Perry  VHS