What Counts Where?

English majors in the literature track must take one course each labeled "Early" (focused on literature before 1700), "Modern" (focused on literature 1700-1900), and "Recent" (focused on literature since 1900).

Some courses have one of these labels permanently affixed to them. For example, ENGL 366, Connections in Early Literature: (Subtitle), is always labeled "Early," no matter what the subtitle. However, the label attached to some courses changes depending on the subtitle. For example, ENGL 424, The Novel: (Subtitle) could be a "Modern" course with one subtitle and a "Recent" course with another.

Because many courses in English are organized by something other than history (for example, ENGL 419, Literary Theory), many do not carry any period label at all.

Comparative Literature majors must take one course each with a focus on genre, theory, and period studies. The courses that meet this requirement, too, may vary from semester to semester, depending on subtitle.

Each semester, our course descriptions page lets you know how various courses are labeled. For past semesters, you can consult the spreadsheet embedded below. If you go to the spreadsheet in Google docs, you can sort and filter by title, semester, year, label, etc. You can also download the spreadsheet and play with the data in another application (such as Excel).