The Writing Learning Center

Professor Gillian Paku, Director
Michele Feeley, Administrator 


Where is the Writing Learning Center?

The Writing Learning Center is in the Center for Academic Excellence located on the first floor of Milne Library.  

Schedule An Appointment:

Clients are seen on an appointment basis.  Walk-in clients will be seen only if there are available times.  

To schedule an appointment visit: 

Once you have completed this brief form you will be directed to the scheduling calendar at:


The WLC is open:

Sunday 3:00-9:00
Monday through Thursday 1:00-5:00 and 8:00-11:00pm
Friday  1:00-5:00

What Should I Expect?

When you arrive at the Wriitng Learning Center, you will meet one-on-one with a trained tutor for 30 minutes. WLC tutors will not proofread a paper for you. We will not write your assignments.

We will give you examples of how to proceed; the point is to help you find your own personalized solution.

What About Confidentiality?

Here at the Writing Learning Center, we believe your choice to seek tutoring is a private one. Our work space is prvate and our staff and our staff respects your confidentiality. Seeking out a writing tutor is a good, productive choice. When you ask for help at the WLC, you are taking advantage of a service that most everyone uses to their benefit at some point in their academic career.  Bring either a printout of your work or your laptop with your work on it and get one-on-one assistance from a writing tutor.

How Can I Get the Most Out of the WLC?

The WLC is open to serve you and help you get the most out of your writing potential. Come prepared. Bring your assignment sheet with you, along with any other relevant textbooks or research materials. 

As far as possible, please have some notes, an outline, or a draft written before you show up in order to make your visit most effective. Tutors can best assist you when they have a concrete starting point in your own work.

A session at the Writing Learning Center, while rewarding, can be an intense experience for both you and your tutor. Come more than once. Seek out a particular tutor with whom you work well, or try a variety of tutors if you need a different perspective.

The Writing Learning Center is the place to get help on all types of writing assignments such as:

  • essays
  • research papers
  • business writing exams
  • lab reports
  • speeches
  • public service announcements
  • film and music reviews
  • news articles
  • cover letters
  • resumes
  • applications
  • scholarship and grant proposals

The Writing Learning Center has books on referencing for all academic disciplines, including MLA, APA, and Turabian styles.


The Writing Learning Center is staffed by experienced student writers from a variety of academic disciplines. All WLC tutors have been formally trained and are available to help you:

  • Get started, brainstorm
  • Organize your thoughts
  • Write a thesis statement
  • Develop ideas
  • Clarify the logic of your argument
  • Tackle grammar and style problems
  • Assist non-native writers of English
  • Cite sources

Who Are the Tutors?

Katie Baum is a junior English major and Sociology minor from Rochester. This is her second year working in the Writing Learning Center and she is excited to continue tutoring.Katie is ready to answer any and all questions and assist with papers to the best of her ability. She believes everyone is capable of writing a successful paper and is ready to help students on their road there!


Marty Beach is a senior International Relations and French double major. In between reading French novels and being on duty as an RA he enjoys hanging out with friends, drinking copious amounts of iced chai at Starbucks, and generally trying to make his senior year last as long as possible. While taking Professor Belyakov’s INTD 388 class he had the opportunity to work as a ‘speech buddy’ with two international students, which he found very rewarding. He’s looking forward to having the opportunity to work with international students through the WLC and is excited for all that the coming year has offer!   

Becca Bohrer
is a senior Childhood/Special Education major with a concentration in Urban Studies. This summer, she spent four weeks in Costa Rica earning her Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) Certification and six weeks working with Costa Rican orphans. She loves reading, pretending to be Costa Rican, and organizing her planner.

Tina Broomfield is a senior English Literature and Art History double major. In writing, she stresses the importance of not being afraid of a blank page. As Anne Lamott states, "Almost all good writing begins with terrible first efforts. You need to start somewhere. Start by getting something -- anything -- down on paper." In addition to writing and reading, she enjoys drinking massive cups of coffee, hiking, and wandering through art museums.

Deven Coulter is a senior double majoring in Childhood with Special Education and English literature. When she isn't living in Club Milne, she is running, eating chocolate, or drinking coffee. She believes the most important factor in writing a good paper is choosing a thesis that interests you, and spending lots of time writing and revising. A great paper isn't going to be easy to write!


Lara Elmayan is a junior English Literature and Communication double major. She's absolutely obsessed with editing and perfecting the rhythm of language. She's also tragically obsessed with Kanye West, despite her best efforts to resist his music. When not working at the Writing Learning Center or in class, she might be found laying out the Lamron, doing work for HEARD@Geneseo, attempting to find time to draw or paint, sneaking into abandoned buildings, or failing to abstain from coffee. 


Joseph Figliolia is a senior Psychology and English double major. When writing papers, he emphasizes the need to consolidate your ideas, and familiarize yourself with source materials, before ever putting pen to page. When he isn’t diligently studying away the best years of his life in Milne—or pacing back and forth to Books and Bytes—he can be found at other libraries in the neighboring area, or the Alpha Chi Rho house.

Sean Fischer 
is a junior English and Mathematics double major. Outside of classes and work he is involved in Geneseo's Astronomy Club and runs on the varsity cross country team. Sean believes everyone has the ability to write well and is excited to help students realize their potential.

Clare Flynn 
is a senior History and French double major.  She works primarily with international students, but is also happy to assist any Geneseo student with their writing.  When she is not working she enjoys learning other languages, eating pineapple, and seeking adventure.  Clare loves the challenge of writing, and believes that thorough planning and revising are essential components of the writing process.

Meghan Kearns 
is a junior English and International Relations double major who spent the summer reading, eating, and hiking her way through the beautiful country of Nicaragua.  She likes her coffee strong, her books used, and her friends eccentric.  She carries with her a fierce conviction that everybody has a story worth writing, and consequently, worth editing. 

Christina Mortellaro is a junior English (Creative Writing) and Communication double major. This is her second year at the Writing Learning Center and she loves to help others brainstorm and outline their papers or just help them become more nuanced in their work. When not writing, reading, or editing, you can find Christina watching shows on Netflix, cooking, and surfing Tumblr; sometimes, all at once.  


Ali Niemiec is a senior Childhood Education with Special Education major with a concentration in Mathematics. She specializes in working with international students and has recently become TESOL Certified. When she’s not working in the Writing Learning Center, she can be found singing in two out of the four a cappella groups on campus or playing with her beloved cat, Sophie. In the near future, she plans to teach English internationally.

Christine O'Neill is a senior majoring in Comparative Literature and French. She is honored to help students re-imagine and improve their papers, no matter what stage they are in, as she finds the writing process fun and challenging. She is also an RA, an Edgar Fellow, a volunteer librarian, an animal-lover, and is tight with a few of the Brothers at the Abbey of the Genesee.

Liz Reck is a senior English Literature major with a minor in History. She enjoys Yankees baseball, card games, and autumn and has a passion for music, politics, and organization. The eureka moment of the overhead light bulb flashing is the fuel for her writing flame, and she aims to help others achieve that feeling in all stages of their writing.

Ava Russell is a senior English Literature major with a minor in Studio Art. She works as copy editor for The Lamron (write for us!) and enjoys DIY projects and playing with cats. For her, organization is an essential part of writing and life, and she believes that a well-written paper starts with an inspired, thought-provoking thesis.

Jim Ryan is happily spending his senior year as an English/Creative Writing major.  When he isn’t writing, he can be found playing a guitar or card games.  He stands by the idea that in order for anyone to believe what you are writing about, you’ll need to first believe in it yourself.

Tori Starr is a junior Childhood with Special Education major with a concentration in Urban Studies.  She specializes in tutoring international students and has completed Professor Belyakov's class, Methods of Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages.  She taught English to elementary students while studying abroad freshman year in Siena, Italy.  She was fully immersed into the Italian language and had to write papers in Italian with no prior experience.  She understands the challenge of writing a paper in your second language and looks forward to helping international students overcome the same obstacle! When she is not tutoring, she loves to spend time with her friends and be active!