The Writing Learning Center

The Writing Learning Center is the place to get help on all types of writing assignments such as:

  • essays
  • research papers
  • business writing exams
  • lab reports
  • speeches
  • public service announcements
  • film and music reviews
  • news articles
  • cover letters
  • resumes
  • applications
  • scholarship and grant proposals


Professor Gillian Paku, Director
Michele Feeley, Administrator 

Where is the Writing Learning Center?

The Writing Learning Center (WLC) is in the Center for Academic Excellence (CAE) located on the first floor of Milne Library.  


The WLC Will Open for the FALL 2014 semester oN September 15th

Sunday 1:00-7:00PM
Monday through Thursday 1:00-11:00pm
Friday  1:00-5:00PM


What Should I Expect?

When you arrive at the Writing Learning Center, you will meet one-on-one with a trained tutor for 30 minutes, or 60 minutes if you are a non-native speaker of English. WLC tutors will not write your assignments; instead, we will support you, diagnose any writing issues, and give you examples of how to proceed. The point is to help you find your own personalized solution.

Tutors can help you to:

  • Get started, brainstorm
  • Organize your thoughts coherently
  • Write a thesis statement
  • Find and maintain your focus
  • Develop and support your ideas
  • Clarify the logic of your argument
  • Tackle grammar and style problems
  • Address issues particular to non-native writers of English
  • Cite sources

What About Confidentiality?

Here at the Writing Learning Center, we believe that your choice to seek tutoring is a private one. Our work space is private and our staff respects your confidentiality. Seeking out a writing tutor is a good, productive choice. When you ask for help at the WLC, you are taking advantage of a service that almost everyone uses to their benefit at some point in their academic career. If you have ever asked a friend or room mate, "Does this sound okay to you?", you should come and visit us! Bring either a printout of your work or your laptop with your work on it and get one-on-one assistance from a writing tutor.

How Can I Get the Most Out of MY VISIT TO the WLC?

The WLC is open to serve you and help you get the most out of your writing potential. Come prepared. Bring your assignment sheet with you, along with any other relevant textbooks or research materials. 

As far as possible, please have some notes, an outline, or a draft written before you show up in order to make your visit most effective. Tutors can best assist you when they have a concrete starting point in your own work.

A session at the Writing Learning Center, while rewarding, can be an intense experience for both you and your tutor. Come more than once. Seek out a particular tutor with whom you work well, or try a variety of tutors if you need a different perspective.


The Writing Learning Center is staffed by experienced student writers from a variety of academic disciplines. All WLC tutors have been formally trained and are available to help you, but certain tutors bring particular expertise and experience. Please feel free to select an appointment with a tutor who majors or minors in a particular subject, or who is affiliated with the Access Opportunity Program (AOP), or who is familiar with methods of teaching English to non-native speakers (ESL). These areas of expertise are indicated in the tutor biographies below, and on the scheduling calendar.


Clients are seen on an appointment basis; please schedule with one of the tutors introduced below.  Walk-in clients will be seen only if there are available times.  


Who Are the Tutors?

Katie Baum This will be my fifth semester working at the WLC. I am a senior English major and take great enjoyment in editing and working on papers. I look forward to working with students who are ready to improve on their writing skills and papers. 

Click here to schedule an appointment with Katie.


Jenna Cecchini (ESL) This is Jenna's first year working in the WLC and she can't wait to get started! She is a Senior double majoring in English Literature and Anthropology, but she is especially interested in language and ESL. When not in class, the WLC, or behind the green apron, Jenna spends her time rehearsing and performing with either the Geneseo Chamber Singers or the a cappella group, Exit 8. She is also an active member of her sorority, Delta Phi Epsilon.  

Click here to schedule an appointment with Jenna.

Kristen Druse
I am a junior double major who hopes to one day attend law school and work in the public interest sector. In my spare time, I enjoy participating in service activities with the Royal Lady Knights, playing cello in the school string band, and watching movies.

Click here to schedule an appointment with Kristen.

Lara Elmayan Lara is a junior English Literature and Communication double major. She's absolutely obsessed with editing and perfecting the rhythm of language—and, tragically, with Kanye West, despite her best efforts to resist his music. She spent the summer interning for the Estee Lauder Companies in New York City, which leads people to mistakenly believe that she is cool and glamorous. When not working at the Writing Learning Center or in class, she might be found laying out the Lamron, doing work for HEARD@Geneseo, attempting to find time to draw or paint, or failing to abstain from coffee. She will never watch that show you recommended to her.

Click here to schedule an appointment with Lara.

Sean Fischer 
Sean is a senior English and Mathematics double major. Outside of classes and work he is involved in Geneseo's Astronomy Club and runs on the varsity cross country team, for whom he represented at the NCAA Championship in 2013. Sean believes everyone has the ability to write well and is excited to help students realize their potential.

Click here to schedule an appointment with Sean.

Kara Frink (ESL)
I am particularly interested in working with ESL students as I wish to make ESL teaching my future career. I enjoy learning about various Asian languages and cultures along with sharing my knowledge about American cultures. Throughout my 20 years, I've visited and studied in 8 different countries. I take special interest in all issues related to Gender and Sexual Minorities as well as feminism.

Click here to schedule an appointment with Kara.

Harrison Hartsough
Harrison is an Edgar Fellow here at Geneseo and is double majoring in English Literature and Political Science. He has learned through countless drafts, sweat, and pain, that writing is less about the words you use and more about the arguments, or counterarguments, you make. Outside of tutoring, he enjoys playing cello, frisbee, and participating in mock trial.

Click here to schedule an appointment with Harrison.


Leanora Karnath (AOP) Lea is a junior majoring in Communication and English (Creative Writing). This is her second year working in the Writing Learning Center and she has really enjoyed helping students in any part of the writing process. When she isn't buried in homework, Lea enjoys relaxing in Yoga Club, reporting health news for GSTV, and playing violin in Geneseo's String Band. She strives to make writing more accessible to students of all majors as it is an essential skill for college and beyond.

Click here to schedule an appointment with Lea.


Meghan Kearns Meghan is a senior English Literature and International Relations double major who enjoys naps, caffeinated beverages, and visas to places that make her parents nervous. She is excited to begin her second year at the Writing Learning Center and firmly believes that everyone has ideas worth writing, and consequently, worth editing. 

Click here to schedule an appointment with Meghan.


Tim Maloney I spend all - not most but all - of my time either napping, reading, crying through movies, eating ice cream, or wishing i was doing one of these things. I think the most important thing to writing a decent paper is writing how you speak and allowing your personality to come through the text. Organization might be important too.

Click here to schedule an appointment with Tim.


Nicola Mohan (AOP) I am a RA in Onondaga Hall and I enjoy working with first year students. I am very excited to work with WLC this year. I aspire to become an immigration attorney and this summer I spent a month in Suffolk Law school in Boston, MA taking pre-law classes. I love reading fiction novels, so feel free to recommend a novel you enjoyed!

Click here to schedule an appointment with Nicola.


Christina Mortellaro Christina is a senior English (Creative Writing) and Communication double major. This is her third (and last) year at the Writing Learning Center. She loves helping others brainstorm and organize their ideas before they begin writing. She truly believes organized writing is important to learn and practice. In her spare time, you can find Christina cross stitching or attempting to cook new recipes while watching copious amounts of wedding shows or Bob's Burgers.

Click here to schedule an appointment with Christina.


Zach Muhlbauer (ESL) I am a sophomore Philosophy and English Literature double major with a minor in Cognitive Science and this is my first year working at the WLC. It is my belief that with serious dedication writing can improve the quality of one's thoughts and serve as an invaluable form of self-expression. In my free time I love to read and write fiction, play basketball, and spend time with the important people of my life.

Click here to schedule an appointment with Zach.


Caitlin O'Brien (AOP) Caitlin (known as Cob to everyone outside her family) is a junior double-major in English Lit and Adolescent Education. She enjoys helping students create their own unique writing styles, but can also be found desperately trying to sneak in some time for leisure reading and writing. In addition, she works as a camp counselor during the summers and loves listening to music, running, and pretending to be productive on her laptop.

Click here to schedule an appointment with Caitlin.


Mark Romig (ESL) Through my training in linguistics I've come to learn that the way we use our language identifies who we are, not just the ideas we have. It is my goal to help people find their identity in their writing so that they can learn something about themselves while proving their knowledge of something else. When I'm not in the academic world, you can usually find me with the Outing Club climbing mountains, hiking trails, or camping.

Click here to schedule an appointment with Mark.


Sarah Rusnak Sarah is a senior English major with a Biology minor on the pre-medical track. When she isn't working at the Writing Learning Center or studying in Milne, she spends time running, volunteering with refugee children, and participating in her church. Sarah believes that organization, including a clear thesis, is key for writing a successful paper.

Click here to schedule an appointment with Sarah.


Sarah Smith Sarah is a senior English (Literature) and History double major, with a Philosophy minor. This is Sarah’s second year working as a writing tutor, and she urges students not to be afraid of imperfection in their first drafts, for the process of editing and revision is the foundation of any great paper. When she isn’t camped out in Milne, Sarah enjoys searching for obscure study spots, pretending she can cook, and daydreaming about future travel plans.

Click here to schedule an appointment with Sarah.


Tori Starr (ESL) Tori is a senior Childhood/ Special Education major with a concentration in Urban Studies.  She specializes in tutoring international students and non-native English speakers. While studying abroad in Siena, Italy, she was fully immersed into the Italian language and had to write papers in Italian with no prior experience.  She understands the challenge of writing a paper in your second language and looks forward to helping international students overcome the same obstacle! When she is not tutoring, she loves to spend time with her friends and be active!

Click here to schedule an appointment with Tori.


Hannah Sugarman (AOP) Hannah is a senior Psychology and English Literature double major. This past semester, she had an amazing experience studying abroad in London at Kingston University and is also in the process of learning to teach English as a second language. She loves reading, writing, theatre, and iced coffee! When she's not in the WLC, Hannah can be found chasing bludgers as a member of the Geneseo Quidditch team or discussing gender and sexuality as a member of Geneseo's Pride Alliance.

Click here to schedule an appointment with Hannah.


Yasmine Taha (AOP) Yasmine is a senior Sociology major with a Spanish minor. This past semester, she studied abroad in Quito, Ecuador to become fluent in Spanish and travel the country. Yasmine absolutely loves learning more about the Spanish language and Latin American culture. She is also an RA in Steuben Hall and a Pathways Peer Advocate. In her free time, you can find her reading or discussing social justice issues with a close group of friends.

Click here to schedule an appointment with Yasmine.


Katie Waring Katie is a senior English (Creative Writing) major. She is currently the managing editor of Gandy Dancer, SUNY's literary magazine, and has previously worked as a Fiction Intern for The Adirondack Review and an Editorial Intern for Dan's Papers. In her free time, she can be found writing her first book, which focuses on epileptic colonies and eugenics in early twentieth century America. Katie is looking forward to reading other students' writing and believes revision is the key to a good paper.

Click here to schedule an appointment with Katie.


Jo-Ann Wong Jo-Ann is a senior majoring in English Literature with a minor in Mathematics. She believes everyone has the ability to write well and hopes to help other students foster this skill. When not writing papers or reading anything in sight, she can be found with the Poets' Society, listening to a ridiculous amount of music, or trying to beat her friends at Mario Kart.

Click here to schedule an appointment with Jo-Ann.