Public Speaking in a Second Language – Fear Not!
This video is designed for non-native speakers of English who need practice in pitch, intonation, voice projection, syllable stress, pronouncing numbers and percentages correctly. It stresses the importance of building confidence and comprehensibility in a second language, and provides tips for connecting with an audience. (38 minutes)

Stage One: The Natural Approach to Speaking English
Designed to help people from every non-English background, this program provides students with the opportunity to hear, recognize and react to commonly-used English words. The twelve thirty minute lessons include the following topic areas:

Head & Shoulders
At Work
Five Senses

American Scenes

Within the context of seven thematic areas, this series dvds reinforces a wide variety of grammatical structures. Special emphasis is on contrasting present with present continuous, past with past continuous, and past with present perfect. Other areas covered include comparative and superlative forms, conditional forms, past modals, infinitives, participles, the passive voice and use of idioms
  • Program One: Travel (73 minutes)
  • Program Two: Housing (76 minutes)
  • Program Three: Food (50 minutes)
  • Program Four: University Life (55 minutes)
  • Program Five: Emergency Situations (50 minutes)
  • Program Six: Everyday Living (43 minutes)
  • Program Seven: Social Settings (65 minutes)Attitude (DVD 3). Macmillan. 2006.
    This DVD stresses the importance of building a positive attituted. Designed to help students communicate with confidence and attitude, it affords students the opportunity to express themselves.

Body Language: An International View. Seabright Group. 2006.

This film provides a humorous and informative look at a variety of global styles in nonverbal communication. It highlights gestures, facial expressions and nuances in body language across cultures. (23 muinutes)

Oxford Business English Skills: Effective Presentations. Oxford University Press. 2005.

This video demonstrates the language and practical skills needed for giving business presentations in English. The film provides a stage by stage analysis on how to communicate effectively with an audience.
(35 minutes)

Oxford Business English Skills: Effective Socializing. Oxford University Press. 2005.

Designed to help develop English language and communication skills for social situations. The film deals progressively with aspects of socializing from first contacts to getting to know people and social engagements. (25 minutes)