Externship Testimonials:

2016 Washington D.C. Externs

"I could not have designed the program better suited to my own needs if I had tried. I really learned how to connect the skills I learned at geneseo to a career through networking."  - Jenna Lawson '17

"The Externship has provided a unique experience for me to visualize my future in a different way. The program not only provided me with a glimpse of professional life, but also allowed me to expand my career interests beyond what I had planned." - Chi Huynh '16


"This program helped me appreciate SUNY Geneseo more and made me realize what a wonderful and supportive community and family we have here." - Eunice Kim '16

"It took away some of the mystery from the job, making it seem less like something far away, and more like something I could be doing in a few years. Jennifer's friendly, gracious demeanor and willingness to share her personal story...was very encouraging and gave me more confidence -- I, too, could do this. The world after Geneseo seemed a little less scary and a little more real." - Jennie Bruno '16

"Looking back on the program, I can say that the externship was one of the best experiences of my college career....College places so much importance on students' majors, so it was reassuring to hear that even though I am a math major, the skills that I am learning will be applicable in many other fields as well." - Katie Patterson '17

"I am applying for an internship at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum because of the Externship Program, and it could very well be the defining institution of my career." - Jenna Lawson '17

 Externs at Department of Labor