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Student Laboratory Assistant

Position ID: 326
Department: Chemistry
Location: Integrated Science Center, Room 329
Period: Fall through Spring
# Positions: 5
Rate:Minimum Wage
Description: Students working in the stockroom do a variety of tasks that assist in the functioning of the Department, especially the introductory sequence of labs. As a Stockroom Worker, your primary responsibility will be to clerk the stockroom window. Students will be regularly checking out items such as glassware, hardware, and sometimes unknowns. You may also be asked to help out with lab preparation (preparing solutions, keeping labs clean and stocked with necessary materials), maintaining chemical inventories, running errands, keeping the stockroom organized, and washing glassware.
Requirements: Students who are planning to major in the sciences or have an interest in the sciences are preferred but not necessary.
Hours per week:Determined by Supervisor

Start with your top choice job and apply to that job first. Priority in our referral review for each student is given to the first application that you submit.

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