Adirondack Adventure Course Description










Selected readings from Thoreau, Emerson, Muir, and ‘famous’ ADK guides

Texts & Supplies:

Nature and Walking, Ralph Waldo Emerson
Into the Wild, Jon Krakauer (please read prior to arrival in Lake Placid)
Journal for writing (students are responsible for texts, journal, and supplies.)


Sunday evening: Team building games, campfire, establish itinerary for Adirondack Expedition study, begin journals
Monday – Thursday: Breakfast at 7:30am, pick-up for day’s adventure at 9:00 am, lunch ‘in the wild’ (provided), dinner at the College and Journal/Readings at 5:30 pm.

Sample Daily Itinerary:
Canoe trip in the St. Regis Wilderness Canoe Area: we paddle across quiet lakes and streams and portage to remote areas where the sound of the breeze and the call of a loon is all you hear…capturing thoughts in our journals…
Climbing a mountain to escape and sense the wonder of mountain vistas…
Hiking with naturalists at the ADK Visitors Interpretive Center …
Swimming in clear cold mountain streams…
Challenging our sense of adventure in a ropes course…
Discovering wildlife habitats, seeking that which can’t be seen…


Each student will read from their journal each day, sharing their thoughts with others.
A five (5) page paper will be completed and turned in to their faculty member no less than 10 calendar days after the end of the program.

Paper Topic:

How the Adirondack Expedition course has challenged my thinking and how it might reflect on my college experience.

Intended Learning Outcomes:

For INTD-101 Students
1.The ability to read texts carefully and critically, recognizing and responding to argumentative positions.
2.The ability to write sustained, coherent and persuasive arguments on significant issues that arise from the content at hand.
3.The ability to write clearly, following the conventions of Standard English.