"If you're prepared to do something exciting with your summer, meet some
of your fellow classmates before getting to campus, as well as be
challenged both mentally and physically, then this is the trip for you!
It's an amazing experience and you learn a lot about yourself, too."

"Sometimes, when you're thrown into a new situation, things can be scary.
You may realize that life is bigger than you ever knew, and the world is
waiting for you. With that newfound awareness, you may  also come to
understand that many great and challenging things lie ahead. From my
summer Adirondacks Adventure trip, I  take two things. First, the
knowledge that my life is out there. I now see that the place I'm in is
vast, and what lies ahead is experience. Secondly, I'm taking photographs.
Shining memories of moments and people I will never lose."


"...and strikes me how much of an analogy this whole trip has become. We
are on a journey right now, stuck between the past that is high school
and the future that is college...I am tired of the residue of the years
behind me, my muscles are weary of the roads i've already taken. I'm
ready to drop it all off at the bottom of the mountains i will now climb.
My second wind however, is a powerful one-- driven by the knowledge that
a destination will eventually be reached, but that the path through the
woods in front of me is enough for now... The trail is new, the person
older, and what i take from both is entirely up to me."


"Get in touch with nature and in touch with yourself! A great way to make
close, lasting friendships before you even set foot on campus!"


"My stay in Lake Placid was one I'll never forget.  I got to not only
experience nature in its most pristine sense but I also met other students
before coming to college which made the transition that much easier.  Plus
you're with Griz, the best professor ever!"


"This adventure was about self discovery; about finding out who I am and
about challenging myself both on a physical and spiritual level.  This
life- changing experience strengthened me in ways that are difficult to
express in words.  I learned so much about myself, and gained and
indescribable sense of accomplishment."


"The ADK Adventure was the greatest thing I could've done before starting
college. When the school year started, everyone who had been on the trip
was a step ahead of the rest of the incoming students. We had already made
new friends at Geneseo and had a college credit under our belts. It's a
great way to start off your college career! "


"I love being in close proximity to nature. The Adirondack Experience trip
not only provided a hands on learning experience about the outdoors but
also a greater understanding of the symbolisms encased in every facet of
an ecosystem."