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Lori Bernard

Associate Professor of

Spanish and Department Chair

Welles 206A
1 College Circle
Geneseo, NY 14454

Lori Bernard has been a member of the Geneseo faculty since 2007.

Faculty Information


  • Ph. D., Spanish Literature - University of California, Davis 2002.
  • M.A., Spanish Literature and Culture - Cleveland State University 1995.

Research Interests

Medieval and Renaissance Spanish Literature, Culture and History; Popular and Traditional Poetry; Early Forms of Drama and Theater.

Publications and Professional Activities

  • Article: 2008, "Manuscritos de poesias varias: hacia una revision del canon." Canones criticos en la poesia de los Siglos de Oro. Ed. Pedro Ruiz Perez. Vigo: Editorial Academia del Hispanismo. 129-136.
  • Article: 2005, "'Yo naci libre...': expresiones de la librertad femenina en algunos manuscritos del siglo XVI y en el Quijote." 1605-2005: Don Quixote Across the Centuries. Actas del Congreso celebrado en el College of Wooster (Ohio, EE.UU) del 7 al 9 de abril de 2005. Coord. John P. Gabriele. Madrid: Iberoamericana. 133-143.
  • Article: 1988, " 'Sobre las ocho cabezas': nuevas aportaciones textuales al Romancero de los Infantes de Lara." La Coronica 27.1: 69-80
  • Review: 2005, Rev. of Writing for the Eyes on the Spanish Golden Age, ed. F.A. de Armas. Renaissance Quarterly 58.3:
  • Review: 2005, Rev. of Writers on the Market: Consuming Literature in Early Seventeenth-Century Spain, by D. Gilbert-Santamaria. Renaissance Quarterly 59.1: 171-172


  • The Society for Renaissance and Baroque Hispanic Poetry
  • Modern Language Association
  • Renaissance Society of America
Fall 2014 Classes

SPAN 302:
Intro to Hispanic Literature

    An introduction to textual analysis based on representative literary texts from Spain and Latin America. The course covers principles of literary criticism that are central to the analysis and discus
    sion of narrative, poetry, and drama. Prerequisites: SPAN 301.
Read more.

SPAN 303:
Survey of Spanish Literature I

    Survey of major Spanish literary works, movements and genres from the 11th through the 17th centuries. Prerequisites: SPAN 302. Offered fall, even years