Minor in Central and eastern european studies

The Central and Eastern European Studies Minor is designed for students who desire an interdisciplinary study of the countries whose impact on world politics is ever-evolving. Newly-independent states of the former Warsaw Pact, the former Yugoslavia as well as Germany and Austria a re included in this realm of study. As interest grows in these regions to establish economic and educational entities, knowledge of languages, cultures, politics and history becomes more crucial. These are markets whose economic and political climate remains precarious as the face of Europe changes. This minor will prepare students for issues that will continue to develop and have an impact not only on the United States, but also on the entire world.

Total Required Hours: 24 credits


Basic Requirements- 15 credits

  • PLSC 225 Politics of East Central Europe
  • PLSC/HIST 229 German Society and Politics Since 1945
  • HIST 342 Imperial and Revolutionary Russia
  • RUSS 202 Intermediate Russian OR GERM 202 Intermediate German
  • HIST 242 History of Pre-Modern Russia, 862-1725 OR HIST 344 Nazi Germany OR PLSC 329 Politics of Russian and Eurasia


Electives- 9 credits
Choose one course from the Social Sciences and two additional courses in Arts, Literature & Language. One of the three courses must be at 300-level. Note that slot courses may be used when offered with subtitles appropriate to central Eastern Europe:


Social Sciences - Choose 1 course
ANTH 325 International Fieldwork (with approval of Coordinator and Instructor)
COMN 317 Intercultural Communication
COMN 362 International Mass Communication
COMN 368 Research in Media and Cultural Studies (with approval of Coordinator and Instructor)
HIST 203 Biography: (subtitle)
HIST 349 The Holocaust in Historical Perspective
HIST 391 Senior Seminar: (subtitle)
INTD 250/350 Study Abroad: (subtitle)
PHIL 207 Modern Philosophy
PLSC 248 The European Union
PLSC 291 Enduring Issues in Comparative and International Politics: Russia, Yesterday and Today
SOCL 378 Senior Seminar: Study Abroad (with approval of Coordinator)
SOCL 381 Selected Topics: (subtitle)

Arts, Literature, Languages - Choose two courses

ARTH 201 Ancient to Byzantine Art: Religion and Philosophy
ARTH 287 Avant-Garde Modernism
ARTH 300 Major Artist and Issues: (subtitle)
THEA 305 Topics in Theater History: (subtitle)
ENGL 241 World Literature: (subtitle)
ENGL 250 Literature and (subtitle)
ENGL 267 M/Non-Western Literature: (subtitle)
ENGL 343 Women and Literature: (subtitle)
ENGL 348 European Literature: (subtitle)
ENGL 358 Major Authors: (subtitle)
ENGL 394 Senior Seminar: (subtitle)
GERM 313 Contemporary Civilization
GERM 325 Civilization
GERM 335 Commercial
INTD 250/350 Study Abroad: Russian Civilization
INTD 250/350 Study Abroad: Central European Culture


Please Note:

  • No more than three courses from one department can be applied to the Central and Eastern European Studies minor.
  • No more than 9 hours submitted for the minor may overlap with the student's major or other minor.
  • Directed Study, Slot, Experimental, or New Courses concerning Central and/or Eastern Europe may be applied to the minor with prior approval from the Coordinator.
  • Students should note that some 300-level courses have prerequisites.


For more information, please contact Dr. Cynthia Klima, Coordinator.