La Maison Française
La Residencia Hispana

Student Reviews

"Finally, finally, finally, after three years, I spent my Senior year living in a space where cultures were celebrated. We all swapped stories and I feel like it benefitted me as much (if not more) than some of the courses I took in my major. I was able to learn so much and someone was always there to help."


"It was a great opportunity to live with a native French speaker not only to improve my
language skills, but also to learn more profoundly about French culture."

"It was really helpful and I improved my academic performance thanks to my relations with some members."

"Living in the FL housing helped me in numerous ways. The combined experiences
of the members of the residence created a great informational and knowledge
resource to draw from."

"I have an easier time communicating in French. My suitemates have either studied abroad, or are French, and their fluency helped me progress. I learned about life in France from [a] native's perspective and from a student traveler's perspective. The political and social issues discussed were very valuable."