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A Knight's Challenge

As a Geneseo Knight, you and your teammates were always up for a challenge. Two of your fellow Knights, Bob Avallone '76 and Dan Loughran '86, are confident you are ready to step up for Geneseo once again.

Bob and Dan have contributed $40,000 to challenge alumni-athletes to support The Fund for Geneseo. By participating in A Knight's Challenge, you make a dramatic difference for your team and your college!

A Knight's Challenge guarantees that the men's and women's teams with the highest alumni participation rates will receive grand prizes of $6,000 each! Second place teams receive $4,500, third place teams receive $3,500 and all teams reaching a benchmark of 15% participation will receive $1,000.


Visit The Fund For Geneseo's A Knights Challenge to learn more about how can you help meet A Knight's Challenge and turn your donation into a $6,000 gift for your team!