What is My Qualifying Gift?

During the month of October, all Greek alumni will receive a letter explaining his/her qualifying gift based on donations made to Geneseo last year and this year. That letter explains your personal qualifying gift needed to count for The Greek Challenge.

To qualify as a participant and help your organization win, Greek alumni need to make a $20 unrestricted gift to Geneseo OR match your unrestrcited gift from last year.

So - if you made a $10 unrestricted gift to Geneseo this year - and no gift last year - you need to make an additional $10 gift this year to reach the $20 minimum.

If you made a $100 gift to Geneseo last year - and have not yet made an unrestricted gift this year - you need to match your $100 from last year.

If you have specific questions about your qualifying gift - please call Gina Scalise at (585) 245-5503.