Running GAGG Special Guests

Kira Buckland

Kira Buckland began voice acting at the age of sixteen after having been introduced to the online voiceover community. She got her start voice acting in flash animations and games, and started getting noticed in the industry after winning Anime Expo 2007's Voice Actor Idol. After moving to Southern California from her hometown of Anchorage, Alaska, she soon landed her first anime roles as Kanae in "Five Centimeters Per Second", Eri in "AIka R-16" and Nimka in "Moribito", and began voice acting in video games such as Castle Crashers, Luminous Arc 2, and Dynasty Warriors 6: Empires. Her big break came when she landed the role of the final boss Bloody Marie in "Skullgirls". Most recently, she can be heard as Izumo Kamiki in "Blue Exorcist", coming to Cartoon Network this March and Kuroyukihime from the series "Accel World". Find out more about Kira at

Joel Coletta

Joel Coletta is a native of Elmira, NY and a fan of the Steampunk aesthetic for about 12 years. He earned his degree in Visual Communications from Cazenovia College and was married the same year. Today he earns a living as a lab assistant at an optometric practice, but in his spare time he has become a steampunk prop maker, specializing in the iconic steampunk goggles.

Patrick FreIvald

Patrick Freivald is the author of Twice Shy. He is also a teacher (physics, robotics, American Sign Language), beekeeper, and coaches an award-winning competition robotics team for high school students.

Jeff Hannes

Jeff Hannes is a long-time contributor to Running GAGG, having started the Dramatic Roleplaying Tournament back in 2005. A web developer and programmer by trade, Jeff is a writer at heart, and has written and run over 80 dramatic roleplaying scenarios. He's also written two full-length novels -- "The Hand of Ishala" and "Mad World". Both were inspired by roleplaying modules. In fact, the Mad World module was run at Running GAGG just last year. Way back when, Jeff was the Games Editor for InQuest Gamer magazine, a national monthly publication that specialized in Magic: The Gathering but covered all things gaming.

Brian Keller

Brian is the Vice President of Business for Windmill Game Co. He got his start in the gaming industry because of Running Gagg. Brian came to GAGG and ran games leading to being invited to other conventions run by Dan Brace. He eventually ended up at Origins and met his current game company companions at Windmill. He became part of their Demo team and then was made VP of Business with a concentration on the sales and marketing side of the industry. He also is a writer and editor for the company, having just put work into their recent release ADGNEPSEF555 (if you like candy ask about this0. Without GAGG, Brian would be relegated to just an 8-5 job in Sales.

Chris Niosi

Chris has been a creator and a storyteller his whole life, but since 2004, he has worked in animation, character designing, animation directing, storyboarding, writing, voice acting and voice directing. Chris graduated from the School of Visual Arts in New York with a Bachelor’s Degree in traditional animation. He has produced over 100 pieces of Flash animation since that year and continues to create every day. He has been the casting director for game series including Cryamore, A Hat in Time, Soul Saga and more. He is the creator of the internet webserie TOME which has garnered over one million views. He has also appeared in Pokemon and the anime series Bakuman. Find out more about Chris at

B.G. Osorio

Brandon has been writing game products and source books since college at Binghamton University, where he met the epic artist Justin Fishman and the brilliant historian Don Winters. Together they conspired to spread the word about an exciting new style of gaming exemplified by Dark Refuge: the Adventure Game, and the Time Shredders roleplaying game. Since then he has authored eight novels including the philosophical science-fantasy epics God Swords: Saga of the Bladed Sun and Day Earth Died, and five Dark Refuge sourcebooks. He is currently putting the finishing touches on the upcoming Draco Liberatti Campaign Guide, based on the player-driven, multi year, Dark Refuge online Space Campaign.
His proudest moments have been running the national Border Wars Campaign, bringing together hundreds of players from across the USA, and being a guest speaker at Stony Brook university on the subjects of Independent Game Design and Creating Compelling Villains. Though of all the conventions that Brandon attends throughout the year, Running GAGG always feel like coming home.
He is looking forward to 2013 and beyond, and the upcoming online “Goblin Lands” game, which will bring players further into the role of Olgogs, the natives of Refuge, and their struggle against prejudice and oppression in a world ruled by humans. Come to to learn more.

Adam Tilford

Adam "Christopher" Tilford is an author based in New York. Holding a degree in English Literature, Adam has been writing for over 15 years. His first published book, "Shattered Heaven: Sins of the Soul" is the initial entry into the science fiction drama "Shattered Heaven". His second book was published by Packt Publishing. A technical introduction book to the software, Adobe Story. Adam's second book in his series, Shattered Heaven, "Shadows of Existence" is being prepared for release in 2014. He has also created an animated web series based off his novel series, Shattered Heaven. Adam, in his spare time is also a voice actor. He was Allan in the audio drama "Dreamcatcher", an original audio drama that debuted on the Columbus radio show, "Midnight Audio Theatre”. Find out more about Adam at

Don Winters

Don was an original play tester of Dark Refuge and has been a long time contributor. Co author of the EEF Guide, the Religions Guide, Border Wars: Aftermath as well as the upcoming Draco Liberatti. In addition he has run games at various conventions including Running GAGG, Connecticon and Icon where Dark Refuge was a featured event. When not doing Dark Refuge work Don has a day job that he is desperately trying to replace with work in a library.