African American Artists On Paper
Dindga McCannon

Artists: Charles Burwell, Helen Evans Ramsaran, Gail Clemmons Shaw, Larry Winston Collins, Victor Davson, Luvon Sheppard, Berrifford Boothe, Keith Morris Washington, Gregory Coates, Teri Richardson, Tonya Clay, Oliver Johnson, Dindga McCannon, Camille Billops, David Fludd, Amiri Baraka, Vivian Brown, Norma Morgan, Alan Davson, Tom Laidman, Emilio Cruz, Mary Lovelace O' Neal, Joyce Wellman, Robert Blackburn, Edlizer Cortor, Joe Overstreet, Margot Humphrey, William Majors.

Statement on artists:  This exhibit presents to Western New York a significant group of African American artists. Among them are two MacArthur Prize winners,  regional and national grant recipients and a poet laureate.  The works on paper illustrate the range and depth of artistic concerns for color, compositon, form and line. This is an extraordinary opportunity for Western New York to engage with the rich and deeply complex works of these artists.