The Bertha V.B. Lederer Gallery


Nelson Maniscalco


Tyrannosaurus Triceratops in Battle

and concurring

GeoArt of the Mesozoic Era

The sculptures exhibited in the gallery represent examples from Maniscalco’s dinosaur series that he began in 1995 with a commission for The American Museum of Natural History in New York City.  Each sculpture is a one-of-a-kind cast in bronze utilizing the African lost was casting process.  Maniscalco incorporates jewelry, small sculpture, and metals techniques to create these remarkable detailed and anatomically accurate works whose dynamism instills the power and energy of these long extinct animals.  Please join us to view this unusual exhibit that audiences of all ages will certainly enjoy.

Nelson R. Maniscalco is a Professor of Art at Cedar Crest College in Allentown Pennsylvania

In Gallery B2 in Lederer Gallery is an exhibit of fossils on loan from the Geological Sciences Department, GeoArt of the Mesozoic Era.  Included in the contextualizing exhibit are posters denoting Mesozoic dig sites, and a slide show of the archeological process. The gallery and geological sciences are offering three presentations about the rise and fall of the dinosaurs. The following schedule has been updated.

Exhibition programming will be held in Lederer Gallery

Wed., Nov. 11 at 2:30: Permian-Triassic Extinction: Setting the State for the Rise of the Dinosaurs, Prof. Scott Giorgis

Thurs., Nov. 19 at 2:30: The Demise of the Dinosaurs, Prof. D. Jeffrey Over

Wed., Dec. 2 at 2:30: Beyond the Bones, Prof. Sara Burch


Exhibitions are free and open to the public.
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