The Bertha V.B. Lederer Gallery



Susan Leshnoff


SkyVision is a series of paintings whose outcome is situated at the intersection of Leshnoff’s “inner vision and outside awareness” of nature and its fluidity.  The paintings are a reminder of the possible depth of vision and nuance of color that can be ascertained in the everyday when we take time to actually look at our surroundings. Staring, looking deeply into the sky, and as if seeing beyond the eye, one then wonders at the wonder of it all. 

The range of color provides depth of space in the works that enlighten and move us to serendipitous dreams. The viewer can read weather and time in the skies presented here.  Susan Leshnoff’s SkyVisions allow us entry into this artist’s nature spirit that is only limited by the materiality of her medium.

This opening reception is concurrent with Gallery B2 exhibit of works and reproductions by Anna Richards Brewster, daughter of William Trost Richards.  Brewster followed in her father’s footsteps becoming a painter of landscapes and cityscapes. 


There will be light refreshments available during the opening reception. The gallery is always free and open to the public.