Evolve : Process

Patrice Case


March 29 - May 4, 2010

Reception: Thursday, April 1, 4 - 6 p.m.


Evolve : Process - Little Felt Bag Series

                                                                                               Little Felt Bag Series, 2006


The inspiration for my design process comes from a continual exploration of natural forms and the environment, I visualize my world as a collection of curious materials that offer an ever-changing relationship between line, shape, texture, color, and surface.  This spontaneous process of investigation and fabrication oftentimes reflects a reactionary assessment of a moment that emotionalizes me, or causes some level of silent deliberation:  a new spring bloom, a smooth pebble, the gyrations of old growth, a blister or unexpected texture, a surface, or color.  The process is a creative balance between conception of an idea, a form, function, structure and ultimately technique and material.

By emphasizing the gesture of a goblet, the precarious nature of a three footed form, or a tiny sugar spoon, I intentionally question the perception of function. Through the framing of a pebble, lead, or rubber in a brooch, I encourage audience inquiry and speculation in both function and value, and my limited use of precious materials reinforces these expectations. Each non-metal material that I choose requires thoughtful fabrication procedures, along with considerations of durability, time, and meaning.

Evolve:Process is a collection of work that spans six years.  It displays the evolution of design through the format of a series.  The collection also exhibits the elements of color, form, texture, and time.  Evolve:Process shows my inquiry into materials, a strong references to naturally inspired floral forms, the transformation of form from symmetrical to asymmetrical, and surfaces with various visual applications.


Patrice Case