Leslie Heen

A Retrospective of Paintings and Portraits 


2009 Gala Exhibition

September 14 - October 9, 2009

For tickets information to attend the Saturday, September 12th Gala Reception

call 585-245- 5814




Leslie Heen is an accomplished artist and is committed to painting the human figure. Portraiture, however, is primary to her endeavors as a contemporary American artist.  

The painting above, Kristina of Norway is a wonderful example of Heen’s dramatic use of color, and in that painting the viewer also experiences something visceral, that strong breeze that blows back her hair, that rushes the dark clouds across the sky. Heen’s contrasting of light on dark Heen’s painting is deeply expressive and the red ribbon woven through Kristina’s hair provides the upper part of the painting with the right amount of color and the ribbon ties the upper area to the lower part, that of the ornate red, white and blue floral jacket.  Leslie Heen’s Kristina has much in common with Andrew Wyeth’s Christina, and is a potent and powerful expression of humanity.

Leslie Heen studied fine and commercial art at Syracuse University.  As a professional illustrator she worked nationally including New York, Rochester, Boston, and Los Angeles.  Her illustrations were included in the Italian magazine Arriana, as well as Elle (Paris), and California Stylist.  Heen has exhibited in venues that include the Lucy Burne Gallery, the Mount Morris Dam Visitors Center, the Arts and Letter’s Club of Toronto, Canada, the Rochester Cultural Council Art Gallery the Milne Library Gallery, and the Century Club in Rochester, NY. She continues to study art to perfect her already exceptional skills.