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                        Olivia Kim                                           Stephen Spretnjak

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November 3 - December 10, 2011

Opening Reception and Gallery Talk

Thursday, November 3, 5 - 7 p.m.



Olivia Kim is a Rochester, NY native who immigrated with her family in 1983.  She attended the School of the Arts and Alfred University’s School of Art and Design.  Kim has traveled through North, South and Central America as well as Southeast Asia and Europe though which she has enhanced her sense of the artistic, the creative, seeking a universal link to a wide variety of cultures.  She notes that her experience in the arts “gave her the capacity to accept varied forms of art and culture.”


Kim’s recent study took her to the Florence Academy of Art in Florence, Italy.  While there she immersed her self in Italian art and culture in the towns of Carrara and Pietrasanta studying stone carving and bronze casting techniques.  Kim returned to Rochester in 2010 and opened a studio in the Hungerford Artists Building.  Olivia Kim asserts that in rediscovering realism she has “found what is abstract and unseen.”   Kim’s work is in collections public and private in America, Australia and Europe.


In contrast to Olivia Kim’s taunt realism the exhibit “a 1000 piece work” by Stephen Spretnjak is highly conceptual.   His art practice “is an investigation into those sudden and unexpected, and vivid moments of awareness in which the everyday world transforms into the extraordinary.” Spretnjak works with mixed media collage.  He uses text and mass media sources, still photographs, film and video, typewritten dreams texts, poetry and drawings to create collages that are conceptual documents that “allow the viewer access to his stream-of-consciousness stream –of-narrative process. 


Stephen Spretnjak is a New York artist who has received fellowships and awards from foundations including the Pollack-Krasner Foundation, the Edward Albee Foundation Artist-in-Residence program, and from the former NYFA grant program known as C.A.P.S.  He is work is in the collections including the Museum of Modern Art Library (of artist’s books), The New Museum of Contemporary Art in NY and the Snite Museum of Art in Indiana. 


Realism Rediscovered and a 1000 piece work present a ‘contraposto’ that exists in the world of art that while apparently oppositional actually speak a similar language of abstraction that is wrested from the everyday, that is the body human and the text, images and language that describes the body politic.


Cynthia Hawkins

Director of Galleries