The Bertha V.B. Lederer Gallery



Two Solo Shows

September 7 - October 7, 2010

Reception: Friday, September 10, 5 -7 p.m.


               In Harmony         Urban Rhythms               

  Lanna Pejovic              Larry Winston Collins

Larry Winston Collins has exhibited nationally and internationally.  The paintings in his exhibit, Urban Rhythms are the result of his tenure as artist in residence in Dresden, Germany.  During his first visit he documented the war torn buildings remaining from World War II and on his second visit he photographed and sketched the new architecture replacing the old and damaged.  The paintings titled Urban Structures are an intriguing combination of curves, vertical and horizontal linearity composed to provide compact depth within the bas-relief of the picture plane.  Collins’ use of color is harmonious and is simpatico with the Lanna Pejovic's color use.
Pejovic, a regional artist also exhibits widely.  Her color use in these recent works is muted; however the lightness of the pastel colors shows through.  Lanna Pejovic developed this work from collages not shown here, but that collage-like process is evident throughout her work.   Her recent painting My Starry Night alludes to Van Gogh’s painting.  However Pejovic’s starry night is a muted, earth-toned work that in form reminds us of Van Gogh.  From that point on her content diverges and can be construed as landscape or as a psychic break.
Collins and Pejovic do share an appreciation for landscape whether cityscape or mindscape and each has a particular touch, his dense and three-dimensiona,l and hers, blurs the edges of her forms while layering and building space within the narrow confines of the canvas.   In Harmony and Urban Rhythms bring together two artists that highlight the nuances of contemporary painting.
Cynthia Hawkins
Director of Galleries