The Lockhart Gallery

From the Permanent Collection Then and Now

November 7 - December 10, 2012
Opening Reception: Wednesday, November 7, 5 - 7 p.m.

        From the Permanent Collection: Then and Now presents a selection of works that have been in the collection since the late 1960s the 1980s, work that have not been available to the public for as forty years or more.  This works included are paintings and prints by artists few will remember.  Several works are from collections established by the founder of the art department and gallery Bertha V.B. Lederer and include a work by Thomas Hart Benton and works from the Silverman Collection: Franz Priking and Augustine Ubeda; the George Binet Collection: Marie Laurencin and Renz Mels; the Atelier (SUNY Purchase) Collection: Judy Phaff, George Gillespie, George Sugarman and Steven Poleskie; six drawings from the Thomas Laidman Collection; and the Student Government Collection: Allan Landsman and Mark Greenlund.  Included in this exhibit is an early work by Michael Teres, and recent acquisitions by Christine Daly and Steve Prince.

      This exhibit is also an opportunity to conduct need preservation work on some pieces that will require rehousing.  From the Permanent Collection is an example of the gallery’s ongoing commitment to preservation and exhibiting the collection for your studious enjoyment.