Policies and Procedures for Exhibition Proposals

Organizer/Curator's responsibilities

  • Exhibition must fulfill the mission of the gallery to provide shows a that are culturally and eductaionally relevant to college, the community and the region.

  • Organizer/Curator must provide all objects for display.

  • Objects for display must be ready to install (mounted, framed, with hanging devices attached, etc.)

  • Objects for display must be in excellent condition and able to with stand the reasonable amount of handling necessary for installation and de-installation of the exhibition.

  • Organizer/Curator will provide research, primary text and interpretive text for exhibition display.

  • Organizer/Curator must have proof of financial support for exhibition costs (including transportation of material to and from Gallery, any additional insurance requirements, rental costs, speaker costs.)

  • Organizer/Curator must provide a speaker / presentation to coincide with the opening of the exhibit.Organizer/Curator must assist in creation and implementation of exhibition programs that provide access for the surrounding community, including school programs and the on campus community, including students, faculty and staff.

  • Organizer/Curator must provide installation assistance.

  • Exhibits are generally booked for 5 weeks.

Gallery’s responsibilities:

  • Printing exhibition label: Design, format, etc. is at the discretion of Gallery personnel.

  • Printing exhibition text: If exhibit does not come with pre-printed and mounted text panels, will print text provided by proposer.

  • Design, format, etc. is at the discretion of Gallery personnel.

  • 1000 postcards (of which 100 total will be available to the proposing body or artist.)

  • Postcard design (including size, format, etc.) is at discretion of Gallery personnel.

  • 25 posters (of which 5 total will be available to the proposing body or artist.): Design, format, display is at the discretion of Gallery personnel.

  • Opening reception: Gallery will host a reception for each exhibit with light refreshments. Date and time of reception as wellas refreshments served are at the discretion of Gallery personnel.

  • Gallery sitters / hosts: Gallery always has an attendant on duty during regular operating hours. Organizing body will provide a volunteer sitter for any exhibition events that take place outside of normal operation hours. All exhibition related events proposed by outside body will take place during regular SUNY Geneseo operating hours: Monday – Friday, 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. at the discretion and with the approval of the Director of Galleries.