In the year 1978, I believe, the Greek Tree in Sturgis Quad had a unique event.

The Society for Creative Anachronism, the Shire of Aachental, decided to participate in
the time honored traditon of painting the Greek Tree. The "Taking of the Tree"
followed our participation in the "pledging" for our "fraternity." Clothed in the
garb of our SCA personae, we took up a defensive position around the tree on the
evening it was to painted by the Greeks.

Holding off a chanting, singing horde of several hundred greeks with a small shield wall and
rattan weapons, the Society persuaded the Greeks to withdraw until at least midnight,
when we would surrender the tree we had protected for our resident "druid." Midnight came
and went, and the tree was left to its fate. For the next year, the SCA's painting remained
unmolested, and the red snowflakes that adorned several of the upper branches of the
tree remained for the next eigth years, until the campus landscapers painted over them
with tree sealant.

It was one of the unique memories of Geneseo that became part of the campus mythology,
which endured for many years later. There were times after that date when I would sit nearby
the tree, and hear hushed stories of the mysterious people who had painted the Greek Tree with
runes and bloody red snowflakes.

I know this, because I was there, for I am the SCA "Druid" of that night over 30 years ago.

— Peter "Druid" Levy, '81