This isn't a painting job, but about one. I couldn't afford to be a greek.
Just the tuition, room, board, and other bills were barely all I could pay.
But, I enjoyed seeing the paintings until ...

One day I was in a hurry. I had been in a class in Newton Hall and stopped in
the union in Blake to get a cup of coffee for my class in Sturges the next
hour. I hadn't bothered with my glasses because I'd overslept.

There was a nice patina of snow on the ground, and the tree had a fresh coat of white
paint, awaiting the latest decorative efforts of a fraternaty or sorority.
The paths were getting crowded, and I saw an open pathway. I ran right for
it, SMACK! RIGHT into the tree.

Needless to say, I was wearing my coffee. Fortunately, I was living in Steuben at the time, and it didn't take me long to run home and get changed. I got back to class in fairly good time, sans
coffee. You may be sure that I haven't gone without my glasses since!

I used to tell this story on myself to my sixth-graders through eighth-graders when
I taught here in Waterloo, N.Y. for many years. I felt that it was extremely important for
the kids to realize that yes, you should wear your glasses even when you don't think
you needed them, and yes, they can learn from teachers who admit making mistakes.
They loved it. Many of them were glad to hear about glasses; it was so different
from the usual speech on the topic. I was very glad to use any experience of mine as
a learning experience for my kids, even if I looked pretty dumb, and I think they
loved me more for it.

— Anne Shipley '71B/MLS '72