Meet the Main Street Alumni

The entrepreneurial spirits of several Geneseo alumni have helped keep Geneseo's Main Street vibrant all these years.  The short commercial strip boasts seven alumni-owned businesses. In addition, the office of the village mayor, Professor Emeritus of Geology Dick Hatheway, is on Main.

The alums say they loved their college experience, and stayed or came back because that close-knit feeling is as strong in the community as it was on campus. They were able to build their careers here because they found ways to integrate their passions with businesses that fit a niche.

Buzzo Music has been around for more than 40 years. Hear Al "Buzzo" Bruno '72 and his quintet perform, in the 1970s. There are two more tracks — one and two — to enjoy.

Here's a look at the Geneseo alumni-owned businesses on Main Street:

1) Buzzo Music, 1970 (Al "Buzzo" Bruno '72)
2) Royal Tees, 1985 (Neal '83 and Tammy Wycoff '89 Moynihan)
3) Geneseo Chiropractic, 1995 Christopher Rubeck '89
4) Special Tees (Victor Vanvliet '91)
5) Touch of Grayce, 1995 (Grayce McLaughlin '82 and Fred Mingrino '73)
6) Valley School of Dance and Shakti Yoga 1982 (Jacki McCausland '76 and Angela Amedore-Caplan '75)
7) Village of Geneseo, mayor's office, Professor of Geology Emeritus Richard Hatheway
8) NotDotShop, 2010 (Charleen Crump-Nesbitt '79)