Quidditch for Muggles 

Geneseo students bring wizard Harry Potter's magical sport to life. Adapted for muggles – or non wizards — by running with brooms instead of flying on them, members of the intramural club have grown since they started the club in 2009. There are 21 members and the team won Butterbeer Classic in fall 2011.

They are members of the International Quidditch Association, which governs more than 1,000 clubs worldwide.




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Play Your Own Game -- In Seven, Easy Steps


— By Matt Cavanaugh '12, Geneseo Quidditch vice president and coach

Step 1: Get a team together

You can't play Quidditch without players, so recruit your friends. A full team consists of seven players:

  • one keeper to guard the hoops
  • two beaters throwing dodge balls
  • three chasers attempting to score
  • a seeker whose job is to chase after the snitch.

(Don't forget to find an opposing team. You can't play Quidditch alone.)

Step Two: Find a snitch

The snitch is a neutral player, unaffiliated with any team. Their job: Don't get caught! They can run anywhere and use any means necessary to avoid being caught. Snitches are usually fast, dressed in yellow and hilarious to watch.
They are the main attraction to the game, so find someone with a good sense of humor.

Step Three: Equipment.
  • Brooms — You can't fly without brooms, but since professional brooms (yes they do exist) are around $50, try an improvised approach. Pool noodles are a cheap and safer alternative and when cut in half they are approximately regulation length.
    Seven pool noodles will be enough for a game, since the snitch doesn't get one.
  • Snitch flag — Grab a sock and tuck it in the back of the snitch's pants, similar to flag football.
  • Balls — You will need one "quaffle" and three "bludgers." A partially deflated soccer ball or volleyball works great as a quaffle, and standard dodge balls or gater-skin balls can be used as bludgers.
  • Hoops — Three hula hoops for each team can be used as goals, and pvc piping is often used to keep the hoops up. Or, hang the hoops from a tree branch.
Step Four: Rules

The complete rulebook can be found online, along with videos and news about Quidditch. While the whole book can be technical, the general rules are pretty simple.

Chasers try to score through the hoops for 10 points, while keepers try to stop them. Beaters can throw bludgers at chasers, seekers or other beaters, and if a player is hit they must drop any balls they are carrying and go back to their goal posts. The seekers chase snitches and try to grab the flag off their back, and if successful score 30 points and end the game. Tackling can be including in the game, in which case read the rulebook for details, or avoided and replaced with touch-tackles.

Set play for as long — or as short – as you like.

Step Five: Watch Some Games

The International Quidditch Association website has videos of games and lists of local live games to watch. There's no better way to learn than to watch a game.

Step Six: Have fun!

Quidditch is the friendliest game in the world. While the action can get intense, the spirit of the game remains lighthearted. Many of our games have started with hugging the other team, and even more have ended with dancing together on the pitch.

Step Seven: Win the World Cup

The next Internal World Cup is spring of 2013. Will we see your team there?