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Geography Related Sites

The sites below were listed as the Best Top Ten Sites of 2005

    Google Local

    Flags of the World

    Nation Master


    Live Science

    World Time Zone

    Perry-Castañeda Library
    Map Collection

    World Climate

    CIA World Fact Book

    The United States Census Bureau

    Geography at About

Planning Related Sites

Planning and Architecture Internet Resource Center
Comprehensive List of WWW Servers of the World
A guide to American and International Universities


  • Spatial Odyssey [Spatial Odyssey is a collaborative effort to provide access to the full text of GIS conference Proceedings articles.]
  • ESRI [Home of the GIS People.]
  • Geographical Information Systems WWW Resource List [This is an index of World-Wide Web servers which are likely to be of interest to the GIS community.]
  • GeoWeb For GIR [This is the homepage for the field of Geographic Information Retrieval (GIR), a group of researchers studying methods and approaches to making digital geographic information and data more easily accessible GIS researchers and the general public.]
  • GEOWEB For GIS/GPS/RS [WWW Online Resources For Geographic Information System (GIS), Global Positioning System (GPS), & Remote Sensing (RS) Industries.]
  • RS & GIS Information Home Page [This is the Jensen, Althausen, and Weatherbee Site (JAWS) of remote sensing and GIS WWW information for the American Society for Photogrammetry & Remote Sensing (ASPRS).]
  • AGI GIS Dictionary [The dictionary includes around 300 terms which either relate directly to GIS or which GIS users may come across in the course of their work.]
  • The GIS Jobs Clearinghouse [The GJC was started to help consolidate GIS/IP/GPS position announcements in one location.]


  • Canadian National Atlas Information Service [The National Atlas Information Service (NAIS) is responsible for the development and maintenance of an authoritative synthesis of the geography of Canada. Products, in both digital and conventional form, include base maps, geographical names and thematic maps that reflect the social, economic, environmental and cultural fabric of Canada.]
  • The Ordnance Survey Home Page [The Ordnance Survey is the official mapping agency in the UK.]



  • IBRU [The International Boundary Research Unit (University of Durham) provides resources on international boundaries on land and at sea, including their delimitation, demarcation and management.]