Faculty and Staff Directory


Dr. Dori Farthing, Associate Professor
Earth Materials, Environmental Geology
ISC 250
phone: 585-245-5298
email: farthing@geneseo.edu

Dr. Scott Giorgis, Professor
Structural Geology, Tectonics 
ISC 254
phone: 585-245-5293
email: giorgis@geneseo.edu

Dr. Benjamin J.C. Laabs, Associate Professor and Chair
Glacial Geology, Paleoclimate, Geomorphology
ISC 235A
phone: 585-245-5291
email: laabs@geneseo.edu

Dr. D. Jeffery Over, Professor
Earth History, Paleontology, Stratigraphy  
ISC 249
phone: 585-245-5294
email: over@geneseo.edu

Dr. Amy L. Sheldon, Associate Professor
Hydrogeology, Environmental Geology 
ISC 252
phone: 585-245-5988
email: sheldon@geneseo.edu

Dr. Nicholas Warner, Assistant Professor
Planetary Geology, Hydrology, Geomorphology
ISC 253
phone: 585-245-5643
email: warner@geneseo.edu


Ms. Diane Lounsbury, Secretary of the Department
phone: 585-245-5291

ISC 235
email: lounsbur@geneseo.edu

Dr. Nancy Mahlen, Instructional Support Specialist
phone: 585-245-5016

ISC 251
email: mahlen@geneseo.edu 

Faculty Emeriti

Dr. Richard A. Young
Earth Surface Processes
ISC 213
phone: 585-245-5296
email: young@geneseo.edu

Hatheway, Richard B.

Brennan, William B.

Boger, Phil D.

Scatterday, Jim