Picture of Dr. Dori Farthing

Dr. Dori Farthing
Earth Materials
Assistant Professor
Office: ISC 231
Ph.D. Johns Hopkins University
M.A. Johns Hopkins University
B.A. College of Wooster




• Ph.D.: Johns Hopkins University , Baltimore , Maryland . (2002)
• M.A.: Johns Hopkins University , Baltimore , Maryland . (1998)
• B.A. (with departmental honors): College of Wooster , Wooster , Ohio . (1995)

Recent Teaching Experience:
• Asst. Prof., SUNY-Geneseo, 2004-current.
-Teach an introductory course (including labs) for non-science majors, environmental geology and advanced petrology.
• Visiting Asst. Prof., Department of Geology, University of Dayton, 2001-2004.
- Taught mineralogy, mineralogy lab, field camp (in the Front Range of the Colorado Rockies), environmental geology, structural geology, hydrology and an introductory course for non-science majors.
- Helped teach part of petrology course (mantle petrology).
- Named “Professor of the Month” by the School of Education and Allied Professions (2/2003)
- Advised mineralogy, geochemistry, hydrology and environmental-related student research.
- Instructor in annual “Groundwater Festival”

Recent Professional Development:
• Researcher & Advisor, University of Dayton, 2002-2004.
- Advising an undergraduate research project funded by an internal University of Dayton Grant (Learn, Lead and Serve) and by a regional GSA research award. This research deals with radioactive minerals and radiation safety and involved field work in Dayton and the UK .
• Participant in 2003 NAGT Cutting edge workshops:
1) Early Career Faculty - Teaching, Research and Managing Your Career (6/2003)
2) Teaching Petrology in the 21 st Century (7/2003) (Facilitated one of the sessions at this workshop)
• Researcher & Advisor, Walters Art Gallery and Johns Hopkins Univ., Dept. of Material Sci., 2000.
- Advised and aided an undergraduate student who was studying a coating on an Egyptian artifact from the Walters Art Gallery , Baltimore , MD. To help determine the origin of the coating, I interpreted x-ray diffraction data and did transmission electron microscopy and electron microprobe analyses on microsamples of the coating.
• Fulbright Fellow, Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam , the Netherlands , 1995-1996.
Researched the Pb and U isotopes of sheeted dikes and massive sulfide deposits from the
Troodos Ophiolite , Cyprus . The goal was to gain an understanding of the fluid pathways through oceanic crust. I prepared samples (crushing, mineral separation, and clean laboratory chemistry) and analyzed samples with a solid-source mass spectrometer.

Professional Memberships:
• Mineralogical Society of America
• Geological Society of America
• American Geophysical Union
• Sigma Xi Scientific Research Society
• Phi Beta Kappa
• Council for Undergraduate Research
• National Association of Geoscience Teachers

Publications and Presentations:
Pekar, K.E. and Farthing, D.J. Some like it hot-radioactivity on campus and beyond. Poster presentation at 2003 Geological Society of America Annual Meeting, Seattle Washington , USA

Farthing, D.J. 2002. Differentiation of British blast and reverberatory furnace tin slag using morphology, mineralogy, and chemistry. Poster presentation and paper submitted for review. 33rd International Symposium on Archaeometry, Amsterdam , the Netherlands .

Veblen, L.A. , Farthing, D.J., O’Donnell, E., & Veblen, D.R. 2001. Characterization of
radioactive slags. Nuclear Regulatory Commission Report, Washington D.C. , USA .

Farthing, D.J., Veblen, L.A. , & Veblen, D.R. 2001. A British tin slag mystery: blast furnace or reverberatory furnace? Poster presentation at 2001 Geological Society of America Annual Meeting, Boston , MA , USA .

Veblen, D.R., Elbert , D.C. , Penn, R.L., Ding, Y., Farthing, D.J., Moore , K.T., & Veblen, L.A. 2000. Imaging, chemical analysis, and structure determination of nanostructures. Invited presentation at Fall American Geophysical Union Meeting, San Francisco , California , USA .

Booij, E., Bettison-Varga, L., Farthing, D., & Staudigel, H. 2000. Pb-isotope systematics of a fossil hydrothermal system from the Troodos ophiolite, Cyprus : Evidence for a polyphased alteration history. Geochimica et Cosmochimica et Acta, 64(20); 3559-3569.

Farthing, D.J., Veblen, L.A. , & Veblen, D.R. 2000. Weathering of a metallurgical slag. Oral presentation at 2000 Geological Society of America Annual Meeting, Reno , Nevada , USA .

Farthing, D.J., Veblen, L.A. , Veblen, D.R., & Felmy, A.R. 2000. Hibonite from a metallurgical slag. EOS Transactions , American Geophysical Union 2000 Spring Meeting, 81(19), S46.

Livi, K.J.T., Farthing, D.J., Veblen, L.A. , & Wing, B. 2000. Tackling the complexities of analyzing phases in metallurgical slags. Invited presentation at Microscopy and Microanalyses Meeting (Journal of Microscopy), Philadelphia , Pennsylvania , USA .

Farthing, D.J., Veblen, L.A. , Livi, K.J.T., and Veblen, D.R. 1998. An investigation into the stability of slags. Presented at the International School of Earth and Planetary Sciences-A Geochemical and Mineralogical Approach to Environmental Protection, Siena , Italy .